The Best Durian Snowskin Mooncake

So, I’m back in London, and am incredibly jet-lagged. I woke up at 4.30am, clutching my growling tummy, thinking about all the food that I had back home in Singapore, and half-wanting to punch myself for not packing more food into my ballooning frame. Right now, I nurse a weird craving for chwee kueh, cereal prawns and snowskin mooncake, so badly that if someone were to present these three items in front of me, I’d happily mix them all up and eat them in a mouthful. Gross, I know, but aiya, this is because I miss home just less than 12 hours after landing in miserable Heathrow!!

I admit, I did lug a box of four traditional mooncakes back to London, but oh my, the clincher of this Mid-Autumn festival, the apple of my eye remains to be the durian snowskin mooncake from Peony-Jade Restaurant. Through my years in UK, I’ve learnt that the very things you need to have are the hardest things to bring in. Think snowskin (it softens into a mush), durian (custom dogs running after you, sniffing at your bag for goodies), you should get the idea of how sorry I feel for myself right now.

Peony-Jade Restaurant's Durian Mooncake

Right, you’re probably more interested in the mooncake that I’m so going to rave about, than in me diving head-first into even more self-pity. Sorry about that rant….

So the story goes that M and I have not had mooncakes in years (okok, except for that ONE mooncake that my mum mailed to us via Singpost), so we endeavoured to go mooncake-hunting with my mother-in-law the first day the Mid-Autumn fair opened at Takashimaya.

We prowled, we sniffed and we sampled. Thanks to M’s eagle-eyed ways, we landed ourselves some of the best durian snowskin mooncakes we’ve ever had. No kidding.

These babies, made by Peony-Jade Restaurant, pack in incredibly generous chunks of Mao Shan Wang durian (all pure, none of that mix-it-with-cream-to-cut-corners nonsense) in a delectably soft and fragrant pandan snowskin. The durian was slightly bitter, very creamy and rich, and not overpoweringly sweet, just the way I love my thorny fruit. Even M, who is not a durian fan like yours truly, loved it. It was soooo good, we thought nothing of spending S$30 on two of these heavenly mooncakes. In fact, I regretted not getting more!!

I also tried the jackfruit ones at Peony-Jade’s counter but they were too sweet for me, and only the durian ones made the cut. M and I dissected one in a matter of minutes when we got home, and of course we had it with Chinese tea!

You must try these mooncakes if you love durian. It’s worth every calorie, every penny, and every trickle of blood and sweat that you expend to fight for the last piece.

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Peony-Jade Restaurant’s stand is located near the entrance facing the fountain at Takashimaya Square. The Mid-Autumn Festival fair will be held until 22 September 2010.


13 thoughts on “The Best Durian Snowskin Mooncake

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  2. H


    Do you know where I can get good moon cakes in London? My partner really misses them and I would like to suprise him.

    Thank you.

    H 🙂

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Hi H, I just bought some Tai Tung Bakery white lotus paste baked mooncakes from the huge See Woo store at Greenwich. They are the low sugar ones, still a little sweet for me but pretty good for London! I am not sure if you can get them from See Woo in Chinatown but I think Chinatown should sell mooncakes now. Try to get them now before they are sold out. I heard Wing Wah mooncakes are being sold too.

  3. Cheryl

    hey ho….

    becos of you, and only becos of you and your entry, i went to check out PJ’s durian mooncake…and now, i think i absolutely ‘hate’ you…….

    but damn, they are GOOD

  4. Irene

    I love durian mooncakes too! Unfortunately my husband can barely stand the smell. And the Australian customs/quarantine laws are so strict I don’t even dare bring any type of mooncake.

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