TWG Tea Macarons

I get 10 points for remembering to check out the macaron scene in Singapore, but unfortunately, 110 has to be forcibly taken from me for my lack of determination to clean the island out of macarons, and mostly for my ability to be distracted by non-European (more accurately, Singaporean lah) delicacies.

I only managed to drop by TWG Tea at ION in the month I was back and didn’t hesitate to spend S$8 on four of its tea-infused flavours. This was certainly much cheaper than the offerings I sampled in London, Paris and Brussels.

TWG Tea Macarons

At first glance, the macaron shells lacked the alluring lustre that I was accustomed to seeing on creations by Pierre Hermé and Pierre Marcolini. Instead, the shells were matt in appearance, resembling the ones from Ladurée. Whilst the colours were beautiful, the shapes were inconsistent between macarons. I understand how difficult it is to get regularly shaped macarons, even more so in a humid environment like Singapore, so this wasn’t much of an issue for me, although it would have been nice to see perfect little babies coming out of a tea salon like TWG.

What disappointed me was how soft the shells were to touch. I felt like I was holding the most fragile shells up, they felt way too delicate and sure enough, they were too soft for eating. The shells gave in too easily and melted rather quickly in the mouth. I would have preferred a slightly more resistant shell to carry and show off the potentially wonderful flavours and texture of the filling.

I honestly think that the tea-infused flavours are rather good, perhaps they could have done with a little less sugar to bring out the taste of tea. But I loved the fragrance that came through, especially that of Napoleon Tea and Mint. Napoleon tea and caramel worked pretty well, to my surprise, but like I said, it could have done with less sugar. Moroccan mint tea was very refreshing but like the rest of the macarons, the shells were too soft. I held high expectations for Camelot tea and praline, mostly because I adore praline, but the combination was a little off-putting for me. Rose was nicely scented and not too sweet, but again, it was let down by the soft shells.

Whilst it wasn’t a mind-blowing experience, I have to say that I’m very much inspired by the use of tea in macarons. The potential is there in TWG macarons, and tea-infusions set them apart from other patisseries. I do hope that the textures of its macaron shells could be improved. On another note, I think I’m going to have to try out some tea-infused flavours in my kitchen soon!

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TWG Tea Salon & Boutique is located at:

ION Shopping Mall
2 Orchard Turn, #02 – 21
Singapore 238801


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