Always Happy at Soup Restaurant

Another one of my favourite restaurants in Singapore is Soup Restaurant; this and Tan Chin Lee rank on top of my makan list, so please don’t ask me to choose, because I can’t.

The menu isn’t atas, and branches of Soup Restaurant are everywhere, but that doesn’t mean that the food is bad. In fact, it’s excellent, in my opinion, very simple, fuss-free and thank goodness, it’s much like homecooked comfort food, the kind that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, happily fat and lazy.

Soup Restaurant

My favourite dish from Soup Restaurant is none other than the Samsui Ginger Chicken. Succulent and tender pieces of boneless steamed chicken, covered in the smoothest of skin, begging to be dipped in the best condiment of all times – a wonderfully fragrant and earthy concoction of ginger and sesame oil. I could have this with rice every single day of my life and not complain. To lift the dish and bring out the meaty goodness, there’s the option of wrapping the chicken pieces in sweet and crunchy raw lettuce and I personally think it’s a brilliant idea even though I’m not a fan of vegetables. My only complaint? Even the large portion of Samsui Ginger Chicken isn’t enough when yours truly is at the table. I always feel a tad uneasy if I have to pretend to not want the last piece of chicken.

Soup Restaurant

I also behave a bit like a barbarian when the Claypot Tofu comes round to our table, because I have to be physically restrained from licking the pot clean. This take is completely different from the usual claypot tofu we’re accustomed to. The tofu here is gently fried to delicate, wobbly perfection, and coated in the most addictive sweet-ish sauce laden with bits of chopped sea cucumber. I can’t quite put my finger to what was added to yield such an aromatic sauce, yes it’s sweet and it sounds disgusting, but ohmygosh, it’s soooooooo good. I have tried to replicate this at home, without any success, so if someone has the recipe, please let me know!

Soup Restaurant

I’m not a fan of Ah Por Fan Shu Leaves, but my folks and many other people I know love it. I very much prefer to have sambal kangkong any other day; even though the spiciness gives a terrific kick, I detest too-slippery-to-swallow vegetables like Fan Shu leaves. So this dislike is very much a personal distaste for the type of vegetables used, rather than a thumbs-down for the dish itself. My parents also ordered the hometown fried belly fish (no idea why the menu states belly fish when it should really be erm, fish belly?) for a taste test, and it was pretty good! We all know that bellies are the best and most tender parts of fish, so just imagine a crispy skin giving way to hot, smooth and succulent meat. Can’t complain there.

Soup Restaurant

I also adore the salad prawns here. They used to serve them with the heads on the side, and I really loved chewing on prawn heads, so it was a pity to see the heads missing from the dish now. Still I love the batter on the prawns here, it’s the perfect balance between crispy and slightly chewy, not sure if I’m being the weirdo here but I love this texture! I’m not entirely sure if this dish is listed on the menu, I know that it was missing from the menu for a while and we used to just place our orders with the waitress verbally, that’s what we did on this occasion too, so you might want to try that.

The Penang mee sua and olive fried rice are pretty delish too, so try them if you have more space for carbs other than the bowls of rice that you would want to have with the other dishes!

I never had a bad meal at any branch that I visit, be it at Changi Airport, Causeway Point, Paragon or at Jurong Point. Soup Restaurant is pretty consistent in serving quality food and right now, I wish I could fly back to Singapore for a feast at Soup!

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Soup Restaurant can be found at these locations.


8 thoughts on “Always Happy at Soup Restaurant

  1. Joy

    All the ladies in my family (including me) adore the Samsui Ginger chicken at Soup Restaurant! That glistening and slick appearance, followed by the tender and soft bite…drool.

  2. miss ene

    I *LUUUUUUURVE* the claypot tofu too! I’m not sure what they put in that sauce but OMG, it’s soooo good! I can polish off the entire pot on my own but common courtesy usually prevail and like you, I’d try not to lick the pot clean. Heh.

    Now you’ve got me thinking about having lunch at Soup Restaurant. Mmmm….

  3. heavenwildfleur

    Absolutely agree with missene. The best dish is the CLAYPOT TOFU. I can eat the whole medium (and possibly large as well) dish, cos small is tinyyyyy. I must have it when i go back, without fail it’s always the place I will go to (usually the last meal i have en route to plane as there’s a branch in T2!) I’ve not been able to replicate the sauce… but I will not give up!!


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