The Best Popcorn In The World!

My sister-in-law let on an open secret, that something wicked has come to Resort Worlds Sentosa, just outside Universal Studios to be precise.

So, prior to a family buffet gathering on the island M and I got married in, my family and I took a little excursion to Resorts World to check out the secret. This is none other than Garrett Popcorn, adjacent to Hershey’s, reeling in people with buttery smells that I personally would kill for.

Garrett Popcorn

The shop is decked out in company colours of ocean blue and popcorn caramel (yes, Garrett is so great that I think they are allowed to coin a name for the colour their logo is splashed out in), rather like a carnival theme with a touch of class. I absolutely adored the popcorn buckets, wish I could take them home but it costs at least S$90 for the smallest bucket!

Garrett Popcorn

I settled for the smallest bag, which costs S$9 (or is it S$8?) for The Chicago Mix. CaramelCrisp and CheeseCorn in hand, I struggled to take photos and shove them into my mouth as soon as the goods were handed over to me. Rather unglam if you ask me, but I’m told one of the most primal instincts is smell, and Garrett has gotten me hooked right from the moment I stepped in.

Garrett Popcorn

The Chicago Mix was a wonderful explosion of flavours – burnt toffee sweet and addictive salty, buttery and cheesy, all at the same time. Yes, satisfaction is guaranteed if you simultaneously pop both flavours into your mouth. The popcorn were fat and crisp nuggets of heaven, nothing like the ‘lao hong’ (Hokkien for soggy, or more accurately the way popcorn are if you leave them exposed for too long) crap we get at cinemas. The smallest bag may sound pricey, but every bag is packed to the brim with good quality popcorn, so I don’t actually paying S$2-3 more for this. In fact, this is better value-for-money. I loved the popcorn so much, that I made M drove all the way into Sentosa, park at Resorts World for a maximum of half hour (paid S$6.60 for carpark!!!), just so we could have a second dose before we returned to London.

I’m missing Garrett Popcorn very much, even the orange-yellow stains we get on our lips and fingers when we dig into the CheeseCorn ones. Makes for cute entertainment when you see grown-ups standing outside Garrett, trying to wipe the yellow goo off their gleeful faces. I was one of them and wish I am doing that right now. You know what they say, you have to suffer for the good things in life.

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Garrett Popcorn is located at:

Resorts World Sentosa, The Bull Ring Level 1, outside Universal Studios


5 thoughts on “The Best Popcorn In The World!

  1. Ms Glitzy

    Ooh yeah I love the caramel popcorn from Garrett! And they are able to last a few days if you keep it in a container.

    There is this popcorn place called “The Cornery” at ION Orchard. They have more flavours and their caramel popcorn ain’t too bad, but Garrett is still better. 🙂

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Yes I tried The Cornery too (the samples they were giving out though…didn’t buy any) and had the butterscotch ones. Tasted nice but it was lao hong (maybe because the lady was standing there with an open bag, giving them out all day…), I prefer Garrett too!

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