Eating at ION

My sister took me on a massive tour of the food area at ION’s basement. I was quite happy with it, so I took M on the same tour when we trooped down to town together. We had quite a feast, and I’m sure most people have been there, done that already. But I thought I’ll point out two of the many things I had at ION.

Eating at ION

So I wasn’t impressed with Ji De Chi’s shaved ice, and I have been recommended to try the green tea shaved ice at Mei Heong Yuen. I did prefer Mei Heong Yuen’s version to that at Ji De Chi, the shaved ice was creamier and tasted more like green tea. But it was still nothing like the one I had in Taiwan. I spotted the Mango Sago Ice with Pomelo which seemed to have garnered consistently good reviews, so I’ll try that out the next time I’m back.

Eating at ION

I also stuffed myself silly with the takoyaki (octopus balls) from Tsukiji Gindaco. I prefer these to Takopachi at Takashimaya Food Hall, as these were a little more crispy on the outside. But they are probably a little unhealthier than the ones sold at Takopachi, as there was a good amount of oil added to each mould to fry the balls, hence the crispier ‘skin’. The ones at Takopachi are grilled with just a layer of oil coated on the mould and that’s probably why the dough turns out softer. I like eggs in general, so I opted for an egg mayo topping for the takoyaki at Gindaco, double yay for me!

Other things I tried: Korean version of yakitori at Dong Dae Mun, a little too salty for my liking. Green milk bubble tea from Each-A-Cup, pretty good but pales in comparison to Koi. Had a taste of the butterscotch popcorn samples given out by The Cornery, tasted nice but texture was too soft, perhaps they’ve left the samples out for too long.

There were hits and slight misses but I do wish for such food halls to be opened here in London, I want my Asian food!!

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All food stalls featured here are located at B4 of ION.



3 thoughts on “Eating at ION

  1. C K

    Hey there, dropping by to check out Pleasure Monger. Great blog here btw.

    Hmm, was at ION earlier this year and got lost in the ‘complex’ during my first visit. Heheh, must have gotten too used to the simple high streets over here in London. But for some reason, I stumbled into the foodcourt at ION’s basement. No idea why but I always gravitate towards food…

    Can’t really recall what I went for but I know takoyaki wasn’t one of them. Well, if you’re a fan of that, Necco (see does quite mean ones.


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