Outfits: I’m An Office Lady Wannabe!

We were supposed to go for dinner with friends at Pamplemousse (opened by our friend’s brother), and good golly, I was on holiday in Singapore, and I was (still am) a student, but I was itching to put on my pencil skirt for an office lady look. Dear office lady readers, you must be shaking your head at my insanity, but I’m seriously deprived of the opportunities to wear a pencil skirt, so pardon me!

Outfit postI bought this grey pencil skirt from Bysi for my brother’s wedding luncheon eons ago, and never had a chance to wear it again (I’m a boring researcher who wears my crappiest clothes to work). So here’s me in my casual take on the office lady look, with a splash of colour from my trusty purple ruffle-capped blouse from ASOS.  I also threw on a black metal bib necklace to cut the brightness of the purple.

Can somebody give me a job so I can do the properly sleek office lady look for the rest of my life, please?!

By the way, Pamplemousse was great, I was blown away by the uni tagliolini (comes garnished with tiny fried pieces of lard!!! Portion was painfully small for my huge appetite, though) and my friend’s brother’s refreshing take on Toast & Milo for dessert. Yum. No pictures of food here, because omg yes it’s true, I decided to leave my camera at home so I wouldn’t annoy anyone by my ‘take-photo-before-anyone-can-eat’ habit, for ONCE. Just once.

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Pamplemousse Bistro and Bar is located at:

7 Dempsey Road, 01-04, Singapore 249671

5 thoughts on “Outfits: I’m An Office Lady Wannabe!

  1. Irene

    I used to have the camera habit too! Stopped for a few months recently as I bought an slr. During dinner a few weeks ago, my mother-in-law looked at me before touching her food and said “aren’t u taking photos first?”


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