Yes I am a Fan of KOI Milk Tea

KOI Milk Tea

It’s official. I am a BIG fan of the much talked-about KOI milk tea. Just thinking about it makes me so thirsty, I’m almost vampirish.

I heard SO much about the milk tea from KOI before I even stepped on home ground. After I returned, my sister told me about it. Then my dear friend, F, raved about it; her husband even rushed to drive us to the Marine Parade branch after our late dinner at Ju Shin Jung along Joo Chiat Road, just minutes before its closing time. And that, my dears, was the first time I had a sip of the original milk tea from KOI. They ran out of the pearls, since it was rather late on Friday night, but the milk tea still tasted pretty damn good. Fragrant, creamy, slight smokey, just as promised!

A couple of days later, my sister bought green milk tea from the Chinatown branch, this time it came with pearls alright….but they made a mistake and I ended up having the original milk tea, again! I wasn’t about to complain, except that I was watching a Taiwanese talk show on how calorific milk tea is when I was sipping on KOI (FYI, it’s equivalent to about 4 bowls of rice….), so that made it just very slightly unappetizing. I avoided the pearls very carefully since they are the starchy i.e. calorie-rich bits, so I didn’t fully enjoy it.

During the last week I was in Singapore, I was out with M and my sister-in-law, and we decided to drive to Iluma to get our dose of milk tea since M had not tried it. On my sister-in-law’s recommendation, I had the Ovaltine bubble milk tea (25% sugar) and omg, it was heavenly! The pearls were indeed smaller than those offered by other shops, and were very delightfully chewy. The milk tea went really well with Ovaltine, in short, it was a joy to consume all that calories. No regrets at all! I also (finally) had a taste of the green milk tea, which M ordered, and we thought it was very refreshing and creamy.

So yes, I am a fan of KOI and am not afraid to admit to it (or drink it…). If only those people in London’s Chinatown would get the milk tea right….

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KOI Cafe is located at (amongst many other areas in Singapore):

201 Victoria Street #01-15 Iluma At Bugis

1 Park Road #01-16 People’s Park Complex

Blk 83 Marine Parade Central #01-562


3 thoughts on “Yes I am a Fan of KOI Milk Tea

  1. S

    u should try grass jelly milk tea too! personally i love their passion fruit AI-YU & aloe vera passion green tea =)

    btw i’m your regular reader of your blog =)


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