Cheap and Good Food at Two Chefs Eating Place

Prior to this, I have never ever heard of Two Chefs as I tend to live and eat in a rather unadventurous manner. I find one good place, and I stick to it like a leech until I get so sick of it that I avoid the place for months, and then go running back to it with faux tears on my face when I miss the food too much. I’m such a loser. But hey, I’ve gotten a little cooler lately, because our cool friends bring us to cool places. Ahhh, the wonders of keeping the right company.

Remember how our friends S&J took us to Lee Heng Restaurant for zi char? We were slightly early for dinner that night, and because we had not been to Commonwealth for any sort of food ever in our lives, we were very lost and we thought we were supposed to have dinner at Two Chefs Eating Place judging from the huuuuugge crowd gathered around its tables. So we sat our big asses down on the one table that was available and waited for S&J to turn up. It turned out that we were horribly wrong and we were supposed to meet at Lee Heng (which was down the road) instead. Oops, so we left in a hurry, with our heads down to avoid petulant stares from diners who were obviously ruffled by the fact that we sat at the one table that was empty, shaking legs before leaving like we didn’t waste their time.

But I got very curious about Two Chefs. There were huge crowds and long queues, and there were poster-sized articles put up on one of its counters, going on and on about how good the food was. I was determined to return and this time I brought my family. And boy was I glad that I made a reservation (at a zi char place, open-air etc, this was a first for me!!) for dinner at 6.30pm, because there were already snaking queues when we arrived at 6.15pm!

Two Chefs Eating Place

We ordered the drunken cockles for starters, recommended by every other table and the huge article. And the reason couldn’t be more obvious. It was good. The cockles were so squeaky clean, I could use them to wash my dishes and very fresh. These babies were bloody without being stinky, refreshingly cold without being slimy, and tasty as hell with the truckloads of garlic, spring onions, chilli, wine and soy sauce added to it. This is shellfish heaven for all cockle-lovers. But people who are averse to cockles, beware, they are very bloody and the sight of blood scared me a little (Hepatitis A alarms going off in my head).

Two Chefs Eating Place

For the main spread of dishes to go with rice, we went for the famed butter ribs, three-egg spinach, beancurd with golden mushrooms, salad prawns with pork floss and fried yam sticks. The butter ribs was actually a little disappointing for me. Perhaps I went in with unrealistically high expectations after reading so many wonderful reviews when doing my food research online. The ribs were very tender (and boneless…even though it was supposed to be ribs, but I’m not complaining, I don’t like yanking bones out of my meat) and well-seasoned, but the powdered butter was a little too sweet for me. It had a lot of potential and I could see why people love it, but I thought it could do with a little more salt to take away that milky sweetness that seemed to overwhelm the ribs.

Two Chefs Eating Place

I don’t usually like three-egg spinach, but my family loves the dish so we ordered it. It was surprisingly rather palatable (that is saying something coming from someone who hates veggies…), it was soupy and eggy enough, so I felt less pain from eating the spinach.

Two Chefs Eating Place

I liked the beancurd with golden mushrooms. The thick sauce with bits of minced meat and rather fat enoki mushrooms went very well with rice. Mum loved this dish!

Two Chefs Eating Place

The salad prawns were done with a twist; pork floss was added to garnish the dish, and it worked rather well. Not sure if they were inspired by Breadtalk (makers of the famous floss bun) or if it was the other way round. The prawns were crispy on the outside and very fat and juicy on the inside, I was quite happy with this dish, but nothing beats my love for cereal prawns!

Two Chefs Eating Place

The fried yam sticks was the most understated dish that we had. It was old-school, and too simple, but we loved this dish. The yam sticks were lightly coated and fried in a sticky-caramel-esque sauce and ooooooh, those were delicious carbs.

The food was overall quite good, it didn’t make me swoon but everything was pretty tasty and cheap cheap cheap! The bill came up to only S$66 for all the dishes we had, and there were five of us! I was rather surprised at how affordable the meal was, despite Two Chefs’ fame and the good quality fare offered here. Looks like we would frequent Commonwealth Crescent a lot more for the zi char!

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Two Chefs Eating Place is located at:

Blk 116 Commonwealth Crescent, #01-129. Singapore 140116

2 thoughts on “Cheap and Good Food at Two Chefs Eating Place

  1. heavenwildfleur

    wow this looks really good… u got me salivating n wishing i was in sg now 😦 i love the fact that the zi char items are quite different from the usual (or maybe its just me always ordering the same thing)


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