Snacks from ION’s ThreeSixty Marketplace

Snacks from ThreeSixty Marketplace ION
When I was prowling through ION’s ThreeSixty Marketplace for goodies, I chanced upon the basic items from one of London’s supermarket (Waitrose; grossly overpriced in Singapore, because those are the lower-end items that Waitrose offers here in UK…) and some others.

The bigass picture of a delicious-looking pastry roll on one of the packages caught my eye, so I picked one of those up, and bought myself a bag of black sesame cream marshmallows!

And my oh my, was the pastry roll from Vicenzi yummy! Very flaky, incredibly light and buttery, the pastry revealed a suitably-sized blob of pastry cream. At about S$4, I would say these pastry rolls were worth the money. And guess what, they don’t contain any trans fat!

The black sesame marshmallows from EIWA were impossibly cute and soft, they looked like smooth cotton balls, and they were quite delectable, but I wished there was more of the black sesame cream instead of the marshmallow bits. I’m not a big fan of marshmallow and I was more interested in the black sesame cream part of equation, so that was why I bought them. These cost about S$4 too.

It was pretty nice to walk the aisles of ThreeSixty Marketplace, I enjoy grocery-shopping immensely (more so than shopping for clothes and makeup), so it was very therapeutic to ooooh-aaaaaah over the imported stuff in ThreeSixty. Most of the things there are pretty pricey, so I didn’t get anything other than these two snacks, but if you’re a foodie like me, it’s totally worth paying a visit!

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ThreeSixty Marketplace is located at:

ION Orchard, Unit 04-21

P/S: I tried a new way of presenting the pictures, not sure if readers like it, comments are welcome!

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