Chilli Crab + Xiao Long Bao

When there isn’t enough time or tummy space to accomodate the meals you’d like to have, bear in mind that there are solutions to this problem.

Din Tai Fung Chilli Crab XLB

Din Tai Fung came to my rescue with their chilli crab xiao long bao, saving me the trouble of actually having chilli crab on one part of the island, and xiao long bao on the other. GREAT!

They were surprisingly very good, with copious amounts of chilli crab-flavoured gravy and and generous fillings of minced pork and shreds of crab. Delish.

P/S: I think Citibank has a promotion, a portion of 4 costs S$6 with the Citibank credit card.

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Din Tai Fung is located at these places.


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