I’ll Gladly Have A Double

I’m swooning over two desserts that I had in Singapore, both of which had double dose of certain magic ingredients.

Ji De Chi Durian Milk Pudding

First up, after a not-so-good experience with the Hong Kong version of shaved ice at Ji De Chi (I prefer the Taiwan version), I was urged to return to try other desserts and so I did. As I was about to leave for London, I was determined to have my final doses of durian, and so I ordered meself some Double Ds. I’m not trying to be crude here, but I couldn’t think of a better way to describe the Durian Milk Pudding with Durian Purée. This stuff is like opium to durian lovers, I swear, it’s packed.full.of.durian.goodness. It was the second time I’ve ever had milk pudding (the first was during the little detour we took to Macau when we were back in Singapore, tales of which I will be blogging shortly), and this I must say was even better than the the one I had in Macau. It was ridiculously smooth (in a good way, of course), very creamy and it held a deep dark dirty secret (now that’s a triple D) in the middle. A ridiculously generous dollop of durian purée, again, smooth and fragrant like none other. This dessert was served cold, and it was sweet, sweet l’amour.

MOF Matcha milkshake

Double happiness struck again with the Matcha milkshake with Matcha gelato from MOF (Ministry of Food). The milkshake was a little bit sweet, but the matcha gelato was rightfully bitter, so together, they were a marriage made in heaven. MOF spared no expense into packing as much gelato into the milkshake as possible, it was very creamy and not the least bit (watery) milky.

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Ji De Chi is located at:

63 Jurong West Central 3 #03-102/103/104 (JP2), Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Singapore 648331

MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee is located at:

154 West Coast Road, #01-48, West Coast Plaza, Singapore 127371


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