I Hate That Summer’s Gone

Cherries during summer

Over the last couple of days, the weather has turned too icy cold, too quickly and it’s time for us to unearth our winter clothing. I’m feeling a little upset about this. The days are getting shorter; the sky gets dark so early in the day that it drains my energy. Hell, I don’t even feel like stepping out of home. It’s just too dreary. I hate London like this, and I miss the long hours of cool heat that we enjoy in summer.

Everything feels heavier… my mood, my heart, my footsteps and even the produce. I’m going to miss the good stuff that summer brings, such as strawberries, cherries and blackberries. We can’t beat getting 4kg of really juicy and sweet cherries from fruit grocers at only £4, can we?! Gonna miss out on baking some really neat stuff with berries.. I had planned to make all sorts of jams and gelees to stuff to liven up my macaron fillings, but I procrastinated and there wasn’t enough time!


By the way, that is one of the many photos I took of my beloved cherries, during one of the magical summer days that we spent together….


4 thoughts on “I Hate That Summer’s Gone

  1. elaineteo

    totally agree….the weather here in Italy seems like changed overnight…from summer sunny..now to icy cold…Autumn making it’s appeareance a tad too soon…hahah! =)


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