Good Italian at Enoteca Turi

Before I sing praises about the Italian food at Enoteca Turi, I have to apologise for how crappy these photos are. I was teased by the waiter for wielding my camera over every single dish we had at Enoteca Turi. My foodie companions are usually very tolerant; even then, I am hasty about it so no one has to wait, and being the amateur armed with an normal digital camera in dimly lit restaurants, the photos tend not to do the food justice. But oh the slightly expressive waiter made me blush with my phototaking attempts, and I was just thankful that the restaurant was pretty dark. I have never been thrown odd looks by staff in any restaurant, so I was particularly self-conscious this time round. I couldn’t bring myself to get better shots. Unlike what the pictures show (these would have turned out in better hands, even on first attempt…), I assure you the food was great.

Enoteca Turi

We had originally planned to visit Manicomio, but D had been there and left less than impressed, so we headed further down to Putney for a spot of Italian at Enoteca Turi instead. The drive to Enoteca was, to say the least, far. But you see, we all have to work for the good things in life, and this is one of those instances.

The calamari was very popular that evening, and we missed out on that, so we went for the parma ham and figs instead. It was delicious, I usually have melon with parma, but figs are a far better choice than melon in this case. There’s something magical about the concentrated sweetness of figs that brings out the flavour of parma ham. Wonderful. This dish certainly showcased the produce very well.

We also ordered a platter of grilled mediterranean vegetables to share. Being the carnivore here, I wasn’t particularly tempted to eat it. It was nice to chow down some smokey vegetables, but it didn’t make me weep or pine for it.

Enoteca Turi

Moving on to mains, I would like to bring your attention to the fresh crab fedelini. Served with rocket, chilli and garlic, this dish is guaranteed to transport you to the beach, or even the land of crustaceans. It was bursting with flavours of the sea, I reckon a generous number of crabs have gone into the broth for preparation of the sauce. This is one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever had, yes it even trumps the ones in authentic trattorias in Rome, and the ones at Signor Sassi (which does good pasta, by the way). I wouldn’t mind travelling all the way to Putney just for this.

D had braised steak in a red wine sauce, while M had the risotto with grilled fish. Whilst both were pretty decent, I still preferred the crab fedelini. That, my dears, is a must-have.

Enoteca Turi

We finished off our wonderful meal with three desserts. Pannacotta in rhubarb soup, tiramisu and chocolate fondant tart. I absolutely loved the pannacotta. It was silky smooth, rich in vanilla, and it worked tremendously well with the tartness of the rhubarb soup. Excellent stuff. The tiramisu was a little disappointing, I secretly thought that my own tiramisu (made with a recipe given to me by an Italian friend, whose mum opens a restaurant in Italy that caters to the likes of Beyonce and Robert De Niro) was better than the one served at Enoteca. The chocolate fondant tart, on the other hand, was a stunner. Deep, dark, bitter, intense chocolate bed slathered lovingly on a buttery base, it was beautiful.

While Enoteca Turi duly impressed with the selection of food we had, I have to hand it to its well-stocked wine list. Enoteca means wine shop, and true to its name, the wine pairings were excellent. I don’t take to alcohol very well, but the white wine that was paired with the crab fedelini was insanely good. If you’re into wine, this is the place to come. You can’t go wrong with the brilliant wine pairings, everything has been selected with much thought, to bring out the best of the dishes. Of course, with excellent wine and good food, we couldn’t expect to get away with a budgeted bill. Each of us ended up paying an average of £45 to £50. Enoteca Turi is rather small too, so be sure to make reservations!

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Enoteca Turi is located at:

28 Putney High St London SW15 1SQ


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