Road Trip to Southwest England Begins Here!

My colleague had invited us to her wedding in Dorchester in late April this year, and we took the opportunity to go for a road trip in Southwest England over the same weekend. The plan was to leave for Chagford/Gidleigh on Friday, have a meal at the two Michelin-starred Gidleigh Park, stay overnight at Chagford, and leave for the wedding at Dorchester on Saturday morning. Then we thought we would take it easy and hang around Dorchester on Sunday and drive back to London on Sunday night.

In short, it was London>Chagford/Gidleigh>Dorchester>London. Simple right? NO! Because we made a blunder somewhere, and our plans were screwed, big time. You’ll see why as the entries come along on our adventure. And you’ll understand why I now appreciate the teeny tiny size of Singapore so much. At least, there’s only that much (or little) land area you could be screwed over with….

Road Trip (Southwest England)

Road Trip (Southwest England)

Road Trip (Southwest England)

So Chagford was about a four-hour drive from London. We woke up early, dragged ourselves out of bed, and hurried to begin our third road trip in UK (the first was a spa retreat that M’s best friend bought for us as an engagement gift in Henlow, the second was a total disaster where I fell off a horse at New Forest). 1.5 hours into the drive, we stopped over for a Burger King lunch at one of the service stations off the motorway, bought some Maltesers, M&Ms and coffee for the rest of the journey. We chit-chatted, got super excited at the prospects of having our first two Michelin-starred meal and to witness our first English wedding, and as the butts turned sore and almost numb hours later, we found ourselves in the little town of Chagford.

Road Trip (Southwest England)

The town center is really, really small (smaller than Vivocity in Singapore, or Westfield in London), but to get to it, we had to drive through the tiniest roads in the world (they are two-way, but they are only wide enough for barely one car to pass at a time). It helped that the roads carpet the undulating hills, because whenever we saw cars coming from a distant from up the hills, we would bide our time and wait at whatever shoulders we could find before we surge ahead. It seemed to be the way to go, as everyone observed the same rule, and yes, it helped to drive slowly and carefully to prevent head-on collisions. One thing that was striking in the countryside, was how polite and patient every driver was. Everyone smiled as they drove past, put up their hands to gesture appreciation or apology; it was so pleasant to be travelling like this, we didn’t want to be back in the road jungles of cities.

But the cities were far, far behind us. For we were right in the middle of the tranquil town of Chagford. The main town carpark was only a 20-second walk away from The Globe Inn, the B&B we were booked in, and guess what it cost us only £1.90 to park for 24 hours. How cheap is that?!

Road Trip (Southwest England)

As we entered The Globe Inn, we felt relaxed at once. This is a small family-run B&B and we were ushered by the friendly owner to our room (the rooms are named after flowers and ours was Holly), settled in rather quickly and offered the warmest welcome. The Globe Inn is located right across the burial grounds of a church, this may be a little scary for those who are superstitious, but I thought the view from our room was beautiful.

Road Trip (Southwest England)

The room was perfect. Done up in warm, cosy colours of the countryside, the iron-wrought bed was really quite large and very comfortable. The furnishing was modern and yet the room retained an old-school charm. Most of all, it was very spacious and spotless!

Road Trip (Southwest England)

The bathroom was rather spacious and very clean too, my only complaint was the claustrophobic shower cubicle and the temperamental hot water supply.

Road Trip (Southwest England)

We even found the most delicious shortbreads in the pantry section (wolfed down in seconds, no doubt), and cute His and Hers coasters that made me feel literally like royalty. I didn’t want to leave the room, not after a 4-hour drive! But we did, because our weekend was rather short and there was no time to waste in exploring the town before we left for Dorchester the next day. I will take you through our little walk around town in the next entry.

P/S: You might like to know that it would be good to request for the Holly room, because that is the furthest from the bar downstairs. It gets very cheery and festive at night in the bar at The Globe Inn, with jolly folks blazing up the dance floor in country tunes, so if you’re looking for a good night’s rest, request for Holly!

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The Globe Inn is located at:

9 High Street, Chagford, Devon TQ13 8AJ


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