Lychee Mascarpone & Emperor’s Seven Treasures Macarons

Lychee Mascarpone and Emperor's Seven Treasures Macarons

This is a first for me on two levels. I have been encouraged by heavenwildfleur to join the Mactweets challenge for a while now, and yes, after making macarons a few times now, I am happy to say that I’m finally onboard with the folks at Mactweets! For this attempt, I’ve also used a new way of incorporating flavours into my macarons…with tea-infused jelly! As you can see, this is all very exciting for me!

Lychee Mascarpone and Emperor's Seven Treasures Macarons

This month’s Macattack Challenge 12 is PINK, and mind you, this is no ordinary pink. It’s PINK, representing the pink ribbons for the Breast Cancer Awareness month of October. I am very glad to be partaking in this on my first Mactweets challenge, as breast cancer is a debilitating disease that has struck close to home when one of my loved ones was diagnosed with it a few years ago. So most of all, whilst it is exciting to be caught up in the macarons buzz, this challenge is very meaningful to me. If you’re able to, please do spread the word and take part in the campaign for raising awareness on breast cancer. Thank you.

Lychee Mascarpone and Emperor's Seven Treasures Macarons

As I’ve mentioned, I am trying out a new way of incorporating flavours to my macarons. This is not a novel method, but it certainly is in my kitchen and thank goodness, it worked! My friends loved the macarons, even more so when they knew that these were made for a good cause.

I have always loved the Ispahan, a lychee-based rose pastry, and so for this challenge, I decided to make some lychee mascarpone macarons. I wanted to give another dimension to the sweetness of lychees, and to achieve this, I made some jelly infused with one of my favourite teas, Emperor’s Seven Treasures, which is a blend of different green and black tea leaves with fruity peach-like nuances. I thought this was a really delicious combination; the floral and fruity fragrance of the tea-infused jelly complimented the sweetness of lychees and white chocolate mascarpone very well! The watery and soft nature of jelly also cuts the thickness of the lychee white chocolate and mascarpone cream I made, and when eaten on the day after they were made, the cream and jelly came together as a wonderfully light filling with different textures to delight the palette.

Lychee Mascarpone and Emperor's Seven Treasures Macarons

Here are the recipes for the shell and filling.

For the macaron shells:
(adapted from heavenwildfleur)

100g egg white, aged
3g egg white powder
90g caster sugar
140g almond flour
160g icing sugar
1/2-1 teaspoon red food colouring

1. Preheat oven at 170 degrees Celsius.

2. Sift almond flour and icing sugar together in a bowl.

3. In a separate bowl, whisk egg whites and egg white powder till soft peaks are formed. Whisk in caster sugar until stiff peaks form.

4. To the egg white mixture, fold in dry ingredients from Step 2 in 1/3 portions to combine. Add colouring, then fold in the mixture more vigorously. Test the consistency from time to time by lifting a generous dollop of macaron paste and dropping it into the mixing bowl. If the macaron paste does not settle smoothly after 30 seconds, continue folding the paste. If the macaron paste smooths out too quickly, you’ve gone too far.

5. Pipe out the shells onto a baking sheet lined with parchment and leave them to rest for 25 minutes before baking.

6. When a crust is formed, turn temperature on oven down to 140 degrees Celsius and bake for 15 minutes, turning the tray halfway through baking.

7. Cool parchment of baked shells on cooling rack. Unmould when the shells are completely cool.

For the Lychee White Chocolate Mascarpone Cream:

120g white chocolate
20g unsalted butter
150g mascarpone, room temperature
150g lychees

1. Melt white chocolate and butter and leave to cool.

2. Blitz lychees in food processor, remove the juice by pressing purée through a sieve. Retain 6 tablespoonsful of the lychee juice, and also retain all of the pulp.

3. Whisk mascarpone till loosened, and beat in white chocolate mixture till combined.

4. Add the lychee pulp and 3 tablespoons of lychee juice, beat till combined.

For the Emperor’s Seven Treasures Tea-infused Jelly:

1/2 tablespoon Emperor’s Seven Treasures tea leaves
120ml boiling water
3 tablespoons lychee juice (from above)
1 tablespoon gelatin (depends on the instructions on the packet and how hard you want the jelly to be)

1. Steep tea leaves in boiling water and lychee juice for 10 minutes. Filter.

2. Add gelatin to filtered tea and refrigerate to set.

3. Once jelly is set, cut jelly into small cubes.

Assembling macarons:

1. Spoon lychee mascarpone cream onto one shell.

2. Add 2-3 cubes of tea-infused jelly on top of the cream.

3. Sandwich, and you’re done!

There you go, my PINKarons for PINKtober and my first Mactweets challenge! Hope you enjoy making these and let me know what you think of the recipe!

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*Updated: This post is featured on Foodgawker, Tastespotting and Photograzing. Check out my profiles on PhotograzingFoodgawker and  Tastespotting to see my other featured posts!


65 thoughts on “Lychee Mascarpone & Emperor’s Seven Treasures Macarons

  1. Simin

    Very pretty!!!! OMG i am inspired again. and they look yummy! your mac shells are really really nice. I have to try again… but meanwhile I got to put the baking on hold and visit good old Singapore for the next month!!! 🙂
    I wonder where I can find powdered food colouring at home. I read that professional chefs prefer powdered ones to liquid colouring.

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Thanks Simin! Ooooh…enjoy yourself back home! I’m not sure where to get powdered food colouring too, I’ve been using liquid ones and they work well for me so far. Let me know if you can find them, would love to get my hands on them and try them out too.

  2. miss ene

    Ok girl, I have to admit that I always feel soooo inferior when I look at the gorgeous pictures you take! Like, OMG! Very nice, can???!!?

    *slinker away in shame*

  3. deeba

    You are inspiring dear girl, and I absolutely love that you decided to join the challenge. Glad you did, and you took my breath away with these beauties. Thank you for lending your voice to the PINK attack this month. Jamie & I are touched to see the response and the reach of PINK!!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Deeba and Jamie: I’m so very happy and way up on cloud nine to hear this from you. You two are my favourite food writers around, you’re my idols!! I’ve got a lot to learn from you both, and I’m glad that in my very small way, I’m spreading the word on PINK. Thanks for the opportunity on Mactweets!

  4. Jamie

    These are stunning macarons and I so love all the PINK!!! Wonderful and exotic and gorgeous! I love your filling recipe and may even use it when I make my own PINK macs this month! Wow what a way to start with Mactweets! So happy to have you in our kitchen!

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  6. miso

    omg! it’s so funny because i recently made macarons infused with the exact same tea, but i took a very different approach! : ) i had bought some while studying abroad in London at a tea shop in covent garden. anyways, yay to our love for the same tea and for macarons!

  7. Ms Glitzy

    Hey babe, none of the macarons here have jellies.. i think it’s very creative and probably a better way to introduce the aroma of tea into macarons (always find tea infused ganache a bit weird). Keep perfecting your macarons and you start a macaron bakery back home!!

  8. Junli

    Gosh! I should have looked you up when I was in London! You should definitely pursue a pHd in baking or wedding planning. Forget about your research!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Hi there, thanks for your lovely comment, well, I was thinking of sharing it in due time, perhaps when the blog reaches its first anniversary, or when we encounter another milestone in life! =)

  9. Jenny

    Looking at the Mac round-up with husband. I read him yours and showed him the picture, “those sound incredible!!!” he says and I have to agree!

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  12. Ispahan

    Oh god these Macarons are looking great!!! I love Macarons..but there are only few who are really good. I love especially those from Ladurée and Pierre Hermé from Paris… But yours look also very, very tasty!

  13. Leah

    Hi there, your macarons are absolutely stunning! I would love to but am too scared to try making them from scratch – perhaps I’ll take a whack at it this coming Mother’s day. 🙂

    Questions about making macarons:

    1. What kind of parchment do you use to line your tray? I read that most bakers use silpat but I understand that they are quite costly. Is there a good alternative you’d recommend?

    2. How many days old should the egg white ideally be?

    Thank you so much for your time, and thank you for sharing such a lovely blog with the world. 🙂

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Leah: Thank you for your kind words! Don’t be scared, you won’t know that you can succeed until you try! To answer your question..

      1. I use greaseproof baking parchment and it works fine for me. The macarons shouldn’t stick if they are cooked sufficiently. I cool the shells on the parchment on the cooling rack before unmoulding them. Whether my method works or not will depend on the climate you’re in. I have got a silpat, but I haven’t tried using that. I got mine for almost S$30 from Sun Lik (I think that’s the price), and I heard that macarons unmould very well from the silpat, so you might want to invest in one.

      2. I age the egg whites for about 3-4 days. Having said that, I’ve tried making macarons with fresh egg whites and the macarons still come out with nice feet and everything. Ageing them for 3-4 days seem to give the best texture for me, again, how the macarons mature will in your climate will play a role in determining the texture, so try the different formulas out to get one that works best for you!

      Good luck!!

      1. Leah

        Thank you SO much Rachel, you’re amazing. I’ll give this a shot and will let you know how my attempt turns out!

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