Road Trip Continued: Dorchester!

We woke up early on Saturday following our meal at Michael Caines’ Abode Exeter for the 2-hour drive to Dorchester, the county town of Dorset. Right about half past noon, we arrived and checked into The Old Manor, an Elizabethan Manor house built in the 1590s at the Kingston Maurward estate. We were greeted by Andrew Thomson, the owner of The Old Manor; he is a learned, charming man who held stellar positions in Jaeger, the fashion house, and the Savoy Hotel Group before he bought and refurbished The Old Manor with his wife, Mulu.

The Old Manor

We were admittedly a little skeptical about staying in a historic house (you know, things may not work and hot water may run out on you) but our fears were soon alleviated when we stepped into the manor. It was beautiful! Antique wooden furniture, deep burgundy carpets, midnight blue rugs, coupled with Andrew and Mulu’s warm hospitality, we were sold.

The Old Manor

The Old Manor is very grand, and really spacious, with sizeable bedrooms spanning over tthree levels, a large sitting room, a beautiful dining room with the biggest fireplace I’ve ever laid eyes on. We spent a good amount of time exploring every nook and cranny of the manor, and came across things that spelled the personality of the owners. There was even a beautiful antique piano, I was itching to play on it!! Absolutely loved the manor. By the way, if you’re looking to stay here, Andrew and Mulu whip up a mean breakfast!

Dorset wedding

My friend’s wedding was set to begin in the early afternoon, so we cut our tour around the manor short, and sprang to action, you know, putting on the cocktail dress, suit, the works. Some of you may recognise this dress from Yu, I wore this for our engagement party almost 3 years ago and it still looks current.

I don’t want to blog about the wedding itself as it is a private affair, but suffice to say that the venue was unlike any other I’ve ever seen (weddings in Asia are usually held in hotels, and this was a refreshing change), very historical and full of old-school charm. The grounds were vast and carpeted with green grass, spotted with the occasional pond or fountain. The sun was up, and the weather cool, children were running all over the grounds after cute puppies, it was a good day for such a beautiful wedding. I leave you with pictures of just two of us, sans the newlyweds; these are the ones we took when we were exploring the venue after the ceremony and before the reception.

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The Old Manor is located at:

Kingston Maurward, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 8PX, England


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