Tell Me This Ain’t Paradise

Gidleigh Park

After a reservation blunder, a swift rescue and mad amount of detours, we were finally back at Gidleigh Park on Sunday evening for the meal that we had planned and ‘unplanned’ for. It was a beautiful day, sunny and clear at times, cloudy but bright at others, this lent so many nuances to the spring-summer colours that I have come to love at Gidleigh Park.

Gidleigh Park

We began our pre-dinner entertainment with a walk further out from the country house. The gentle River Teign meandered round polished rocks and ran quietly through the front of the grounds, lined with trees, grass and pretty flowers. We approached and crossed a bridge over the river and headed off to the trail beyond. We walked in between the trees, chatting, just us and nobody else. It was very peaceful and certainly a nice prelude to dinner.

Gidleigh Park

Then we stumbled upon the putting green, so beautiful and well-kept, and so very inviting to M. He asked if we could play for a bit, and I couldn’t say no to that face! All I could think of was how wise I was in swapping my heels for flats before we started the walk. M headed back to the country house to gather the clubs, whilst I idled around the putting green. I watched the grass change from amber to  green as the sun passed over. The bees were flitting from one flower to another, a little unsettling for insect-phobe like me but it was strangely calming to watch them. It felt like I was alone for miles and miles, in a good way.

Gidleigh Park

The grounds are pretty huge and M came back with the clubs a good amount of time later. I was rather surprised that the staff let him have the clubs because we were after all, just restaurant patrons and not hotel guests. I was impressed! That’s me in the photo above, being incompetent at golf and basically anything but eating. Thought it was funny to be putting in a cocktail dress…it was an experience that I would never forget! I gave up after a while having lost to M at many of the holes, and settled for watching M play instead. When it was almost time for dinner, I had to physically drag him out of the green. Again, we took a quiet walk back to the country house. What a wonderful way to spend time together!

Gidleigh Park

Swapped my heels back in the car, popped to the ladies’ to freshen up and we were back in business. Time for a feast!

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Gidleigh Park is located at:

Chagford, Devon TQ13 8HH



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