The Best Scones Ever! And Others…

The morning after the wedding, we had home-cooked breakfast at The Old Manor. As we were rushing back to Gidleigh Park for our first two Michelin-starred meal in the late afternoon, we seized the day and drove out to the town centre in Dorchester for a little walk.

Maiden Castle

On our way to the town centre, we stumbled upon the Maiden Castle, the largest and most complex Iron Age hillfort in England. It boasts an area of 50 football pitches, and was home to a few hundred people during the Iron Age. Today, it is a hill of some sort, very vast and we attempted to walk up the path to the peak. Unfortunately, my ears hurt really badly from the howling winds and bitter cold, so we didn’t make it to the top.

Maiden Castle

There were plenty of grazing sheep at the foot of the Maiden Castle, I couldn’t help but spend a good amount of time watching them even though I wasn’t feeling well from the cold, they were too cute!!

The best scones are at The Old Tea House, Dorchester

Anxious to get out of the cold in the wilderness, we ventured into the town centre of Dorchester to see if we could sneak a quick lunch before heading to Gidleigh. Alas, the shops were all closed (it was a Sunday), even the one-Michelin-starred Sienna that we chanced upon! We were left with just one option, The Old Tea House which is right across the street from Sienna. This little tea house may look nothing at all, but let me tell you in all seriousness that they make the best scones I’ve ever had. These babies beat the ones at Orangery, Wolesley, Fortnum & Mason. They were huge, warm and crumbly, and so very delicious with the thick clotted cream!! It was really cheap too, at £5 for a two very large scones and a pot of tea. The serving was substantial and I was beyond full by the time I finished the scones. M had the Sunday roast which, well, didn’t impress us as much as the scones did.

Outside The Old Manor

We headed back to The Old Manor after tea, and hung out by the fields and stream running through it before we got ready for the trip to Gidleigh Park. Folks were walking their dogs, and children were running all over. It was so quiet and tranquil and I wish that every Sunday was like this for us in London. We hope to return, but with so many areas that we have yet to explore in UK, the chances are slim. Oh well, there’s always the meal at Gidleigh Park to look forward to, isn’t it?

Next and final stop of our road trip: Gidleigh Park!!!! (well we did drive through Lyme Regis to have a look, whilst en route to Gidleigh, but I was in a cocktail dress and high heels, and it was too cold to go out and take pictures, so there…).

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Maiden Castle is located at:

Maiden Castle Road, Winterborne Monkton, Dorset DT2 9, England

The Old Tea House is located at:

44 High West St, Dorchester DT1 1UT


4 thoughts on “The Best Scones Ever! And Others…

  1. Singaporean in London

    Maiden Castle… haven’t been there myself. Wife and I are sucker for ruins. hah! Pity that you didn’t make it to the top. Well, that gives you an excuse to return, isn’t it?

    If you’re into castle, Leeds Castle at Kent isn’t too bad. Have you been before? There’s even a balloon ride if the weather permits.

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      It’s actually basically a hill now with no structures left, you can have a look at the aerial view at this website It’s a nice tranquil walk up, and lots of people go up there for casual walks with their dogs roaming the grass patches. I just had a look at Leeds Castle, it’s gorgeous! If you like ruins, have you been to the Palamidi in Nafplio, ancient capital of Greece? I think you will love it there, it’s a long climb up but the view is amazing.


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