My Saturday Told In iPhone 4 Pictures

It was the PERFECT Saturday, I was completely relaxed, my footsteps were light despite the intermittent showers, and I was HAPPY in the smallest and biggest ways. Thought it might be fun to tell the perfect day in iPhone 4 pictures.

After months of writing, I am done with my first complete draft of my thesis, all 168 pages of pure scientific content. YAY! As I wrote, it felt like the cookie jar was refilling itself, only it wasn’t cookies it was refilling, it was floating pieces of black and brown poo. The crap just never ended. It still hasn’t, given that drafts often go through revisions, but hey, it’s a milestone that I’m happy with.

Then M took me out to Cale Street, on my request. Thank you, hun! The sun came out after the rain!

I always get my baking supplies from the usual supermarkets, but they have gotten a bit uninteresting for me and I want MORE! So I have been searching high and low for a baking supplies store, and I found the perfect one! For now. Check out Jane Asher at Cale Street for your baking needs.

I picked up some pretty cupcake cases, a piping bag, and my first two vials of edible lustre in Gold Sparkle and Sherry! I’m obviously waaaaaaay more excited by the lustre, gonna have so much fun with pretty-ing up my macarons! Can’t wait.

Then we headed to King’s Road, popped into Hotel Chocolat, bought chilli chocolate, and snacked our way into Sydney Street where The Chelsea Gardener awaits.

The blooms were so beautiful, I had half a mind to buy some, but decided not to, because I would just destroy the flowers with my incompetent floral arrangement skills.

We headed indoors at The Chelsea Gardener and found that ooooh, Christmas is almost here!

The loveliest Christmas tree ‘bling’.

A cute Christmas ‘tree’ of mini-ornaments.

The cutest hot air balloon.

The advent calendar toy truck!

And then we popped into Heal’s to have a look at crockery and utensils, the rain came, parking was expired, so we ran back to our car. Felt a little hungry and we decided to head up north for some crepes at the famous Hampstead Creperie! Spotted an old London bus (the hop on/off types with no doors) along the way.

There was a looooooong queue at the creperie. Overheard from an American kid who was behind me: ‘What would the world be without Nutella?!!’ Wise and indignant piece of philosophy dished out to people who don’t get the power of Nutella. You are going to do well in life, kiddo!

Ran back to M who was waiting in the car (couldn’t find legal parking) with two crepes, one in each hand. Mushroomhameggs&cheese for him, and Crepe Complete for me (hamcheese&SOFTegg). That’s my half-eaten crepe. Seriously good stuff. Best you will ever find in London and possibly anywhere else other than Brittany.

Got home after the snack-in-the-car, rested our legs for a bit, and yay, it was almost time to meet D at Bocca di Lupo, so again, I got a chance to ditch my smelly home rags for decent clothes. The chance to dress up, instead of stewing in my shabby outfit filth was very much welcomed after months of writing. Featured here are the H&M Chanel-inspired jacket (which I blogged about a while ago) and an even cheaper bracelet modelled after the chain on Chanel bags.

Had a fab meal (review coming soon, at some point…), fab desserts at Gelupo, cosy time at Miss D’s place, and headed back home for a hot shower and a slather of L’occitane’s green tea body milk.

Tell me that Saturday wasn’t perfect. Ok maybe it was insanely uninteresting and mundane, but it was perfect for me!

There you go, a perfect day in iPhone 4 pictures.


7 thoughts on “My Saturday Told In iPhone 4 Pictures

  1. Z

    I like this entry, am inspired too to tell a random day in pictures using my iPhone. Good on you for completing the first draft! And i’ve missed your outfit pics, post more!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      oh please do! I did this when I realised that iPhone 4 is pretty good for photos, and it’s just so much easier to carry a phone than a camera! hmm..outfit posts, I’ve got some from ages ago but got to pick them out! so uninspired to dress better…lol


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