I Don’t Know Enough Adjectives to Describe San Sebastián

Playa de la Concha, San Sebastian

I’ve just returned from THE MOST AMAZING trip to San Sebastián, the capital city of the Gipuzkoa province in the Basque country, Spain. I love the city in so many ways that I am almost an unbecoming wife, passionately adoring San Sebastián, rudely so in front of my husband, M.

I am currently perched on the couch, nursing a disgruntled tummy having contracted stomach flu from M who was ill before we left for San Sebastián. I promised myself some rest, a day away from writing of any sort, but I couldn’t help but think and wonder about San Sebastián. The aftertaste of the trip was to say the least, excellent, and it left me wanting for more. The worst (or best bit, depending on which side of the fence you’re on) is, I was planning to write about our August trip to Macau, I really was, but now that San Sebastián has come into the picture, I’m sorry Portuguese egg tarts, you’ll have to wait in line while I moon over the delicacies and beauty of the Basque city.

So, how did we end up in my current favourite city in the world? Well, M has an unhealthy obsession with Anthony Bourdain, brought me onboard with him on his stalk-ish nature, and  a couple of food documentaries and Youtube videos later, we were thirsting madly for the pintxos of San Sebastián. We summoned two foodie friends, booked the tickets, made reservations and before we knew it, we were there.

I have been to Madrid and Barcelona, both of which are noteworthy cities that have catapulted Spain to one of my favourite countries in the world. Madrid was fabulous and rousing, Barcelona was excellent and eclectic, and both cities boasted the friendliest and most welcoming people. But the cat has got my tongue on San Sebastián because, really, I don’t know any more decent adjectives that might remotely do it justice. Can I just say that it’s close to being perfect (for nothing is perfect in this world), and leave you with the photographic evidence instead? I wish I could, I wish I want to be lazy about this, but I can’t, it’s just not right.

So I shall try to dissect my journey to San Sebastián as best as I can in subsequent entries. Bear with me as I struggle to find the right words, send me hate mail if you think I haven’t praised the city to the best I can, for this city is REALLY above and beyond me.

Picture above: Spectacular view from Playa de la Concha, looking out to Monte Urgull on the right, and Isla de Santa Clara on the left, and no, even a picture can’t paint a thousand words for this city.

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6 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Enough Adjectives to Describe San Sebastián

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  2. Barbara Chew

    Thank you, thank you,for sharing your information, beautiful pictures and comments!!! I might be in San Sebastian (alone) for a day and 1/2, so any time-saving tips are greatfully appreciated! (Will probably fly from Paris to SS, then will stay there for 3 nights, but will spend 1 day in Bilbao). Many thanks again! Barb

      1. Barbara Chew

        Many thanks again. I’ll be thinking of you with every bite I consume! —The other foodie.

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