15 Films

One of my favourite bloggers, Miss Ene and The Boy, listed her 15 favourite films and I thought it might be fun to respond to this challenge. Not a food-related post, for a change, I suppose you guys might want a palette cleanser…(and I’ve been contemplating whether I should resurrect some of the fashion and beauty posts…..). Anyways, here are my 15 films. Don’t laugh, okay? I have unintellectual taste in film, yes. And if I’ve got a 16th choice, I would add Twilight. Teehee.

1. Harry Potter

When I am alone in the house, when the weather is cold and miserable in London, I make myself a hot drink and do a Harry Potter marathon in my sweats. I LOVE Harry Potter, have thumbed through all the books till their modesty is suitably outraged, and I am not afraid to admit it. Harry Potter movies may not do the books justice, but they lend a visual platform, and I like to read the books after I watch the movies, just to let my imagination run wild. Speaking of which, can’t wait to catch it when it premieres this month!!

2. Powder

I watched this film when I was in my teens, and it spoke volumes to me. It is about a bald, albino boy nicknamed ‘Powder’ with superior intellect and supernatural powers, who is a social outcast and is cruelly treated because of his uniqueness. Being ostracised is hard, and I just felt so sorry for Powder. I remember wanting to be his friend, and I still do. This is the first movie that made me cry.

3. Face/Off

Ahhh..the one and only action film that made it to my list. I don’t know whether it was the ludicrous face change, or the intense acting by Nicholas Cage and John Travolta that wow-ed me. But I voluntarily watch this whenever it is telecast. No arm-wrestling needed by my husband to warm the seat for this one.

4. The Notebook

I watched this with M last year, and man, I cried buckets! Call me a wimp, but this is what love is all about. It triumphs everything and transcends even the loss of memory.

5. The Sound of Music

My mum got me on this, as she is a huge fan of Julie Andrews. I am proud to say that I love Julie Andrews too! Mum used to sing to me, nursery rhymes, hymns, key musical themes, and the Sound of Music was one of my favourites. I love every song in it, and I know every word, M was terrorised by my warbling when I made him watch this with me, but oh well, who cares?! Doe a deer, a female deer…..

6. The Devil Wears Prada

I drive M nuts with this one, I watch it EVERY time it’s on Sky and trust me, that’s pretty often. I love the sneak peeks into fashion, without an overdose. I love to watch the struggles that Andrea goes through, because they can be quite real, although I don’t think all bosses are like that….the essence is there still.

7. City of Angels

‘I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it. One.’ This was enough to incapacitate me.

8. Amelie

I love how playful, cheeky, honest and innocent this film is, Audrey Tautou is awesome, as with in No. 9. I also love that I recognised some landmarks in Paris, particuarly the Basilique du Sacre Coeur and Montmarte.

9. Priceless

Another film with Audrey Tautou, where she plays a gold-digger who falls for a penniless bartender, thinking that he was another one of the rich men. I love how they still fell in love anyway. Money’s not an issue!

10. Inglourious Basterds

Brad Pitt’s hilarious Southern accent, sexy Diane Kruger with that German accent, and the comic-esque cinematography? Love it! Mostly, I adore Brad Pitt pretending to be an Italian with his heavily exagerrated Southern accent – ‘The name is Gorlarrmi’.

11. Lorenzo’s Oil

A film that got me as I’m a Biology person, and have considered entering the medical profession when I was younger. I’d like to think that I understood the film as much as I can with my knowledge on the disease, and how crippling it can be for patients and caregivers. Rather real, very human, afterall it is a true story.

12. 27 Dresses

This is my chick flick of choice, as I love Katherine Heigl! I kinda identify with her. I’m perceived as the serious, the quiet, the meek one, the one who always sticks to the rules and makes sure things go as planned, but really, I’m dying to break out of that mould, I wish people would stop stereotyping. I have a fun side too, you just need to know me a little better as I’m a little more reserved with people I don’t know! Other than identifying with her, I love the hilarious bridesmaids dresses, gave me lots of funny ideas when I was planning for my wedding, which I thankfully didn’t force on my girlies.

13. Juno

No special effects, just a simple story and lots of great dialogues. Loved Ellen Page!

14. The Invention of Lying

After watching this, I wondered what people would say to me if we all didn’t know how to lie. I still wonder. Thought-provoking, a little sad, but there’s a happy ending!

15. The Time Traveller’s Wife

I loved the book and was a sucker for this film. Time travelling, love that transcends time, love beyond death. I’m sold (which also explains why No. 16 would be Twilight).

There you go, my 15 favourite films. What about yours?


6 thoughts on “15 Films

  1. foodtable

    I like some of the films on your list. I had to do a research paper on Devils wear Prada back when I was in school. I like the fashion aspect of it, but who knew there were all these other pyschological factors…etc Anyway, if you like DWP, you may want to check out ‘The September Issue’ documentary about Anna Wintour. Great post as always–


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