The Elusive It

Here I am, finally done with the second draft of my dissertation, my current fashionable reason for being MIA, or so a few bloggers have quipped, for being ‘sooooo quiet’ lately. I reward myself with a little couch-warming, a spot of TV, some cheese & onion crisps and a few slivers of Iberico ham. And of  course, I turn to this little corner of mine, where I always seek solace in, to say a few words.

I just watched Julie cook her way through Julia Child’s cookbook. Julie’s life changed.

A quick sideway glance at my life and suddenly, I realise that I’m waiting for It. I don’t know what It is, but I know It will make me very happy. As I hold my breath for the brutal comments to scar my second draft, I will wait for the elusive It, and oh well, warm the couch a little more whilst waiting for some Japanese food to be delivered to moi.

Reality and dreams go so well together, don’t you think? =D

What’s your It, and has It arrived for you?


4 thoughts on “The Elusive It

  1. stardust

    I hope your “It” will come soon! 🙂 Some of us go through life without knowing what’s missing or still searching..that’s what makes life so interesting! 🙂

    As an aside, I enjoyed the film Julia and Julia, her cookbook is on my table but haha, I am not confident of handling it! I hope you can enjoy cooking as much as Julia did! 🙂

  2. Hart's Smiling All Over the World

    My “It” is most certainly travel and I’ve definitely found it. Nothing seems to excite me more these days than the joy of planning a trip, seeing a new city, waking up to new smells and tastes and being able to photograph my journeys and share them with friends. Travel is my “It.”

    Can’t wait to hear about yours.


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