I Used To…..

I realise that I have been rather obsessed with cooking, baking, food styling and food photography lately. But I can only cook, bake, photograph and stomach that much food. Every time I burrow deep into my kitchen, I emerge with tonnes of food and no one to share them with, except M. As a result, I’m putting on weight, and urgh, I hate that because if you don’t know me personally, I must tell you that I do.not.exercise.

I need to find a new obsession, something to keep my mind busy when I’m free, something that is not cooking, baking or eating. Something that won’t make me put on weight (yes yes exercise is one of them…..I’m trying REALLY hard to incorporate Moving into my daily regimen). I thought of what I used to like to do when I was younger, when I was a few kilograms lighter than what I am now, and I recall that….

…I used to LOVE sketching, designing, colouring and crafting! I loved art lessons in secondary school, but I probably appeared a little less than enthusiastic because hell, I was doodling crap compared to my peers. Case in point: my art partner, A, was crazy good at it. Whenever my teacher walked around to ask for our ‘masterpieces’, if we were told to sketch and paint bananas, mine looked like something rather rude whilst A’s bananas looked like well, awfully real bananas, complete with bruises and all. My dad is a very good artist as well, he sketches and paints like a pro and he could seriously sell his high school paintings for good money; I often wondered why I didn’t inherit his artistic genes. Both A and my dad inspired me to do better, and I secretly practised at home. So I started to keep a sketchbook, one that contained all my creative output. I sketched Wolverine from X-Men, Lara Croft, still life, anything, really. I also wrote poems in them, but those are too embarrassing to show because they were pregnant with lots of teen angst. Here are two pieces of ‘art’ I found in my sketch book.

My fave doodle that looks like a tattoo...

One of my favourite designs, you can see the teen spirit behind it because this looks like a tattoo….

The Tree

I sketched this from a picture I found in one of my art materials, very amateurish.

5 applesI sketched and painted one apple for my art class in secondary school. I then processed it to create replicates in different hues almost a decade later. Andy Warhol-ish? Not quite.

Garfield sleeping


These were not in my sketch book, I think I drew these when I was a kid, probably in upper primary or lower secondary. Look at the daft-looking black outlines I made round the figures, what was I thinking?!

These are the only scans of my artwork that I have, the other actual pieces are buried somewhere in Singapore, but looking at them makes me miss all the art & craft that I used to do, or rather, used to TRY to do.

I wonder if I should pick up another sketch book to start getting creative again? Oh well, stop chuckling at my foolishness and sheer lack of artistic talent!! I can be obsessed about something without being good at it….

14 thoughts on “I Used To…..

  1. imaginaryfears

    Those sketches are amazing :)I especially love the one you mentioned looks like a tattoo, really cool design.

  2. Simin

    Sweetie you are so talented!!! Oh god why did you even do a PhD in Biology? I love the sketch with the tree. :p i always find surprises on your blog, keep it up! 🙂

  3. PL

    Wah!!! those are AWE…..wait for it……..SOME!!!!!

    Seriously, u should continue this passion too!

    reminds me of my own music lessons…….now i kinda regret that I haven’t been keeping up with practise……. rusty already!!!!

    maybe u can digitize those sketches into CGI…….i’m very sure they will look fantabulous!

      1. PL

        Computer Graphics Interface….kinda like digitizing and then animating them so that they can be “alive” ….well……common term?——- Special Effects …hehehehe

  4. brainybairn

    Your art’s good! I’m the same – science brain with arty inclination but horrid at the humanities subjects!

    I must admit that I’ve gotten quite obsessed with the food too and I’m sure my waistline is going to pay for it. But I don’t have a weighing machine. Ignorance is bliss.

    But I do have to warn you, I made the switch from crafty pursuits to cooking and the crafty ones such up just as much moolah (or more) and take up lots of space! But don’t let that stop you. Life if meant to be lived and enjoyed. Looking forward to seeing your works!!


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