Outfits: What I Wore On My Birthday

I’m clearing the cobwebs off the fashion part of my blog, so here’s a post on what I wore on my birthday. We went to Bicester Village quite a while ago for a spot of more affordable designer outlet shopping. Here, designer labels carry off-season stock at discounted prices. M left with a Ralph Lauren Polo tee for £39 (and one more item, which I can’t recall). I managed to haul two bottles of L’Occitane green tea body milk lotion for £23 (as opposed to high street prices at £35) and scored a Karen Millen dress at £125 (£55 cheaper than high street). I was a little disappointed at not getting more stuff, I mean how did I not manage to get anything from labels like Alexander McQueen, and how did I not lug back a Le Creuset pot?! Although most of the stuff were heavily discounted, I couldn’t bear to spend more as I had busted my shopping limit. In fact, I didn’t want to get the Karen Millen dress because I hardly go out for fancy occasions and I already have a few cheap but nice dresses from Love, Bonito which barely clocked any mileage. It is also too cold to wear dresses here in London (P/S: I don’t like to wear tights all the time, and I figured stockings with the Karen Millen dress I bought would make me look ancient).

Birthday outfitM was the one who convinced me to get the dress. In fact, he was the one who picked it out. I was running my hands through racks and racks of dresses at Karen Millen, and was happy to leave without a purchase as Karen Millen dresses tend to be very bold. I always liked to admire the dresses at the windows, but I knew I didn’t have the personality or look to carry off their strong styles, not at that heavy price tag anyway. I don’t like to spend on clothes that I might only have the guts to wear ONCE. I was a little concerned about the figure-hugging style of this dress and was incredibly reluctant to try it on. M said it was free to try on dresses and it won’t kill me whatsoever; well, he was right and I scurried off to the changing room. The dress turned out to be a near-perfect fit, I say near-perfect, as my hips don’t lie and they usually like to make an ugly scene in any sort of figure-hugging dresses I try on. This was no exception, but the cut was as good as it gets for my shape (unless it’s tailored), and I fell madly in love with the lace keyhole neckline. Let’s just say that I like the top half more than the bottom half. M liked the dress very much too, and he persuaded me to get it. So I did. It was a bit of an impulsive buy, as I tend not to buy dresses that scream ‘look at the bloody creases that my hips are causing in this dress’. I regretted it once we got out of Bicester Village and made a mental note to sell it someday to someone who will look better in it.

Months rolled around, and it was time for my birthday last Sunday. I decided to be brave and see if I could still fit into the dress. Thankfully, I could but I really hate the hips. The good thing was I was only going out with M, and M has seen me without makeup and witnessed all my flaws tend not to notice imperfections (actually I think he’s just really good at pretending…). I felt comfortable enough to be wearing this dress around him. I also figured that I was either going to be seated in a dark restaurant most of the time, or wrapped up in my trench so it was a win-win situation.

So there, I stepped out in the dress, complete with minimal accessories and my favourite pumps. I slurped oysters and wolfed down a porterhouse steak. I finished the meal off with a huge chocolate tart. Then I let my gut hang out, wrapped myself up back in the trench, stepped out on the streets and allowed the lovely neckline to peek out a bit. Woo. Hoo. Oh and then I got home, sucked in my tummy and took these pictures. Happy birthday to me! =)

P/S: I also went a little bit bolder with my eye makeup, but hurhur, it doesn’t show up well on the pictures here. The red lip gloss was all gone with the steak too. Not sure if I should do a make-up post to show the products that I used to create the look, but I put in a massive amount of effort to do my makeup this time and I liked the results. If you think you might be interested in the products I used/normally use, let me know!

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Bicester Village is located at:

50 Pingle Drive, Bicester, Oxfordshire OX26 6WD


11 thoughts on “Outfits: What I Wore On My Birthday

  1. yixiaooo

    i went to try on some cheongsams today and man, were they unforgiving. the guy at the store said to sit down, you have the nudge the dress up at the hips slightly =p didn’t help much in my vase though.

  2. Danielle

    As you would expect, yes I’m interested in the makeup too! You looked so good last year too in a fitted dress, no reason to worry x

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