Out and About in Macau

I wasn’t very keen on sightseeing in Macau. I would have preferred a 24/7 eating itinerary. But for health and safety reasons, it made sense to back off from the food front to do a little walking.

We did the obligatory stroll through Largo do Senado (Senado Square) when we stumbled upon it following our little adventure through the tiny streets (those where lots of pastelerias are found such as Koi Kei 钜记). I suppose the city is divided into two populations, those in the casinos and those wandering through the square. It was pretty crowded when we got to the small streets that branch out from the square. Lots of shops are in the vicinity of the square; I found the Sasa stores particularly delightful because they carry so many Asian beauty products that can’t be found in London or Singapore!

We also ventured to the Macau side to catch a glimpse of city lights, or rather casino lights. We walked through Grand Lisboa, Wynn, took a stroll by a river and caught the fountain and Tree of Prosperity shows at Wynn too.

The Tree of Prosperity show did annoy me a little, not because I actually paid enough attention to comment on the quality of the show, but because I was shouting over the crazy loud music into the phone when my dad called. You see, our trip to Macau didn’t start off well. M’s mobile phone was stolen right under the eyes of security at the gate in Changi Airport as we boarded the plane to Macau (and as the culprit who was likely to be a passenger didn’t own up, we delayed the flight for quite a bit as the good Jetstar people tried to get the person who ‘mistakenly took’ the phone to return it to M). Our parents were mortified that this happened at security at Changi (by the way, Cisco has not responded to us with satisfactory answers, which is appalling and we wonder what else slips under the ‘watchful’ eyes of security things called CCTV), hence the call from my dad. I tried to explain what happened because our families seemed to have misunderstood the situation, but as a result of all that shouting over the phone, I missed the show and yet, I didn’t get the point across to my parents. Oh well. Pity. If it helps, lots of people were watching the tree show, and I managed to see a huge tree appear, and then disappear through somewhere. The tree is apparently a symbol of good luck.

We also took the mandatory tour of the Venetian since it was right opposite our hotel. I wasn’t impressed at the sculptures, paintings and the canal because they were very tacky, but I was astounded by the sheer size of the resort. It is crazy big and we kept getting lost in it. I was also very impressed by the gondola singers, they were loud and pretty good! There’s a huge food court, and tonnes of shops in there, so we spent some time eating (egg tarts and snacks), shopping and escaping from the stinging heat. It was a little more interesting than our hotel because we could at least afford some of the mid-priced items at Venetian (City of Dreams has high-end retail stores and well, it’s more for window-shopping).

So yeah, if you want to take a break from poker or eating, pop by these areas, they aren’t particularly fun for me, but they are decent things to do to while your time away in between meals!

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6 thoughts on “Out and About in Macau

  1. foodtable

    sorry to hear about the phone thing. That’s awful. Hope you guys disconnected it though. As for the casinos, the Venetian looks exactly like the Venetian in Las Vegas and the Wynn also looks similar. I don’t know if you have ever been to Vegas, but it is tacky though fun.

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      foodtable: We were on pay-as-you-go on that phone, so we called to cancel that. Still the thief got away with a phone, scot-free! =(
      I heard loads about Vegas and M did tell me it was fun. Everything is on a larger scale than that in Macau, so I guess the glitz makes up for the tack. I hope to visit one day!


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