Our Christmas, If We Were Still In London

The snow has hit Europe pretty hard this year with thousands of travellers marooned at the airports, and whilst I am thankful to have made it home to Singapore for the holidays, I am happy that we spent a very beautiful prelude to Christmas in London before returning.

Here’s our Christmas, in iPhone4 Instagram pictures, if we were still in London.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all who celebrate this special season!


M&Me xx

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4 thoughts on “Our Christmas, If We Were Still In London

  1. Raelynn

    congratulations on making it back to singapore before being completely snowed in! my cousin in edinburgh had to reroute to stockholm then beijing then guangzhou (where her dad is working hence the family is there) and my SO’s friend was literally fighting to get his ticket to singapore.

    i’ve been reading la tartine gourmande and she suggested using coconut cream in a baked lime and raspberry custard =)

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Raelynn: It’s almost time for me to return, and now I’m wishing that I would get stuck here in SG! Coconut cream in a citrus tart sounds awesome, maybe I’ll try that out in other recipes next time! Thanks!


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