Being Domestic at ToTT

Our holiday in Singapore has been marked with a flurry of culinary and social activities. With the incredibly short stay we have here before we return to wintry London, we have been trying our darndest to squeeze in gatherings with families and friends. It has been crazy, our schedule that is, and I wish I could split myself into two so I could meet everyone, but I can’t and to the ones that I can’t catch up with, I’m really, really sorry!

Weeks or perhaps even months before I returned to Singapore, I was glad that my diary had been earmarked with a long-awaited meet-up with two bloggers – E from Heaven in a Wild Flower and S from Miss Ene and The Boy. E and S have been friends for a while and I met them via our blogs. Thanks to S’s encouragement, E and I finally met (three times, no less!) in London and naturally, with my return to Singapore, I just had to meet S! After meeting them, I found that both E and S are incredibly lovely ladies whose personalities are truthfully revealed on their blogs, and who are so very entertaining and inspiring in their writing and thoughts. I like to think that we are pretty well-aligned in our interests and philosophies, and phew, I was so glad that E and S didn’t label me as a psycho!

For this meet-up, we felt that it couldn’t be more appropriate to head for nasi lemak at Adam Road, before hopping over to ToTT for a domesticated, civilised afternoon. After all, if you’ve read our Twitter and Facebook exchanges, you might have caught wind of our little joke on how we’re the domestic trio, with E being bestowed the title of Domestic Goddess for her insane culinary powers, me as the Domestic Pixie and S labelling herself as the Domestic Gnome (I wonder why because I’ve seen the stuff she cooked, and they looked yum and so very professional!). Yes, that is some serious Domestic Hierarchy thingy going on with the three of us. As if the Domestic Bunch wasn’t formidable enough, we were lent some star power – M came along for lunch and JY, friend of E and S, joined us for the day!

Armed with a passion for cooking/baking, 20% discount with S’s trade membership card and a benefits brochure from ToTT that I nicked from my in-laws’ mailbox, us four ladies headed to ToTT at Dunearn Road for a quiet, crowd-free afternoon of foodgeek shopping. ToTT is ridiculously spacious, and extremely well-stocked with everythinginthewholewideworld, ranging from fancy bubblegum-coloured Kitchenaid mixers, whisks that are of the same height as me, and dining ware that made me squeal with delight (so cuuuute!). I was on cloud nine, but fell abruptly back to earth when I realised that I don’t live in Singapore and that I can’t possibly lug everything back to London. I scratched the shopping itch by spending only $15 on two acrylic spoons, two beautiful placemats and a cake cutter. I like to think that I was good at being good.

We did feel tired after a while, and rested our feet at the bistro. We opened the Christmas presents that S had given us (I feel so undeserving of it, I’m practically a stranger to S but she’s so sweet and thoughtful!! Thanks, babe!). Being girls, we also chatted for a bit before getting our hands dirty in the kitchen at ToTT. The benefits brochure that I brought allowed us to buy two portions of dough for the price of one ($12.90 for a dollop). We picked two different flavours (chocolate and plain), added in bits that we liked (nuts and chocolate chips), snapped on the latex gloves and shaped our cookies. We made the usual round ones with the fancy ice cream scoops, and fashioned the remaining dough into our initials. Fourteen minutes later, our cookies were out. Naturally, we nibbled on them before they were completely cooled and doggy-bagged the last cookies standing. The cookies were alright, nothing fantastic but they weren’t bad either. The fun was really in ‘baking’ (it didn’t really amount to proper baking because all we did was to throw the ready-made dough into the oven) together for the first time having had numerous conversations online with the girls. We also mucked around and took some photos. I am not sure if E and JY would be comfortable having their pictures up on my blog (S does post personal pictures on her blog, so I assume it’s ok? =p Let me know if you want this taken off my blog, sweetie!), so it’s just S and me up here.

All in all, I do think that all cooking/baking/kitchen enthusiasts should pay ToTT a visit. It makes an eye-opening retail experience, I found gadgets that I had never ever laid eyes on prior to my trip. Pop by on a weekday and you should have the entire store to yourself. Sign up for the demos or culinary lessons if they are available. I read that pineapple tarts are up on the schedule, just in time for Chinese New Year! I’m not sure if these demos/lessons are any good though, but if you are planning to go to one, let me know how it turns out! Have fun!

Check out what’s cooking in my kitchen!

Check out what I have been baking in my own kitchen.

ToTT is located at:

896 Dunearn Road 01-01A Singapore 589472



4 thoughts on “Being Domestic at ToTT

  1. notabilia

    Loved this place, too. But, you’ll probably find all of it much cheaper in back in London. Oh, how I miss my KitchenAid and CuisineArt appliances. Darn voltage issues. Those brands are so expensive here!


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