Outfits: Summer Makes Me Nervous

I was out with Miss D two days ago, combing through ION (well we actually spent most our time at Sephora and at lunch/tea, activities that are much in alignment with our priorities). She had left UK for Asia two months ago, and we have not seen each other since. We ditched our men for a much-needed girly meetup and her presence made for a soothing afternoon.

During our girly chat, D had commented that I looked nice and that I seemed to be able to pluck out different pieces and put them together easily. For the 10000th time, I told her that it was all kudos to my sister that I dressed the way I did for our meetup. You see, my sister is the one with a good eye for fashion. A sizeable number of outfits that I have featured on the blog are acquired by her. She would also rummage through my wardrobe, give a disapproving look and tell me that I should throw out decade-old clothes that are clearly a) never going to make a comeback in the fashion world and b) are very worn-out. I used to be a tee-and-jeans kinda girl and it was not until I started dating M that my sister gave me a makeover by buying me my first blouse. The rest was history.

It doesn’t help that I live in chilly London. All I need is a decent coat and I can hide the gunnysacks I wear, mismatched or not, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a black coat is the way to go if one is oblivious to fashion. Boring, yes I know, but so very practical and so very easy. I also used to muck around in a research lab – everything goes under the white labcoat, and when the coat comes off, nobody really cares if I’m wearing shite. So shite it is. The only times I dress up are for special occasions, or for that rare shopping trip in town, lest I draw murderous looks from the fashionable folks in London. When these occasions come round, I take ages to pull a look together, but I don’t feel exceptionally stressed because it’s going to go under that coat anyway.

The nerves kick in when I return to hot and humid Singapore. Suddenly, the coat comes off. Suddenly, I’m deathly terrified of the sinusoidal Kallang waves that my thighs make as I parade through town in my climate-friendly shorts. Suddenly, the ‘wings’ flap when I say goodbye to friends. Suddenly, I am rudely exposed, much to the detriment of my self-esteem and oh, do I need to say more about the psychology of witnesses who bear such scary sights?

What do I wear? What should I do? Arghhhh!!!

Having done the SIN-LON-SIN routine for a number of years now, I have come to draw on the habit of purchasing summer clothes before I fly back to Singapore. My sister, who acts as my personal buyer and stylists, aids me in the process. With her prolific knowledge on blogshops and her approvals on my shopping cart, I have come to acquire a few pieces that ease my struggles. As much as I would like to keep both arms and legs covered at all times, the weather in Singapore has made it impossible and I have come to compromise on my desired look. It’s either the arms or the legs that will have to bear the attention of passers-by (sometimes, also my reflection in the mirror). As my arms are the lesser of two evils, I have been flapping around town in my latest obsession, one that I wish I had discovered earlier – a maxi dress. I love this dress so much that I have worn it on a ridiculous number of occasions over the last two weeks. My sister even asked me if I had washed the dress at all (of course I have!!).

I move effortlessly in this piece from clothes&people. Priced at less than S$30, it keeps me covered in the right places without making me sweat like a pig. The high-waisted band also means that my slight paunch is well-hidden. I paired this with a tan leather boyfriend belt (£18) from ASOS, just to break up the black expanse so I don’t look that much shorter, and wore a pair of black sandals from Charles & Keith (not shown in picture). Methinks I’m going to get maxi-dresses in more colours! I’m not so sure about prints though, because they can dwarf a person in a maxi, but who knows, I might actually get one!

What are your pet peeves about your appearance (fashion-wise) and what do you wear to up your confidence?

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11 thoughts on “Outfits: Summer Makes Me Nervous

  1. Simin

    ooo, you look elegant in this! I just find that I look weird in long dresses for some reason. btw, my fave fashion item this year would be vests! i have a black one with satin ribbons and a casual metal grey one! they really bring out some style if you are the jeans and t-shirts kind of person!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Simin: I thought I would look weird in a maxi too so that’s why I gave it a wide berth all this while. Try it!! I can’t do vests though, I tried them on in stores and I just look hilarious, wish I could pull of that look!

  2. Heavenwildfleur

    My dear girl, you look gorgeous and so well put together everytime we meet!! In London I’ve resorted just to keeping myself warm, fashion sense is completely secondary. I feel like I’m running out of clothes to wear, though I’ve sk much clutter in my wardrobe it’s horrendous! Maybe need to enlist your sis’s help!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Heavenwildfleur: it’s all in the coat! If you meet me in summer in London, you might think otherwise. I usually look lost. I have a cluttered wardrobe too, maybe we need to go shopping together and toss old items out!!

  3. stardust

    oooh maxi dresses are nice, but i’ve bigger flaps on arms than you so I think it will be maxi-mised more on me haha.. Which shops sell pretty maxi-dresses in Singapore? It’s quite a popular thing now. But that’s a nice dress you got there, I sometimes think long dresses are better than the mini ones in a way. 🙂 Black is best 🙂

  4. miss ene

    I just wanted to that I loved the maxi dress you wore when we met (and featured in this post). I want one too! Always wanted to try one but never found one that I like. Acually, I’m just afraid of looking like a stump.

  5. maybs

    Hello! I dropped by again via Z’s blog but we’ve actually exchanged emails before about wedding dresses!

    I love this look! Especially with the belt.. Effortless chic! Im a lazy dresser. Especially when it’s winter in London! But I’ve come to invest in a lot of statement necklaces recently. Completely changes a look.. And I think it’ll work well with this!

  6. Lady J

    Wow.. I love this look and how you paired your leather belt with the maxi-dress. Maxi-dresses make me nervous and I’m short so I always think they dwarf me further. But you on the other hand, look gorgeous! 🙂


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