The Best Spa Ever!

Things are getting out of hand on my blog, and *gasp* it’s only the 4th day into the new year. I’ve been to Singapore and back to London, and I still haven’t finished writing the posts on Macau, never mind all that cooking, baking and eating out that I’ve done in 2010. Atro-o-cious! I promise to hurry up on the backlog. Or perhaps I should stop doing stuff in the kitchen, I get to lose weight and not get sidetracked by the shiny new cakes that I bake.  Maybe, just maybe.

We got in to Heathrow yesterday evening, and by the time I finished unpacking, it was 10pm. I was jet-lagged, completely knackered and just dying to hop into the hot shower, then into bed for that much-needed sleep (some of you on my personal Facebook page may have read my rant about the dreadful flight). But I didn’t quite make it to dreamland. The bed was a shitty soft cheap lump of a garbage as compared to our solid one in Singapore. The cold drafts made it impossible to sleep, what with M tugging on one end of the duvet, and me on the other. Then the alarm on the lift went off in the wee hours, it’s been more than half a day and it’s still shrieking away. And when it’s time to go on the pee bowl, I get jolted awake, unceremoniously so. Sigh. My body is in an unfortunate state of transit, and I need to get back in the groove of everything English.

As I finally dragged myself out of bed this morning, I found myself bathing in an eclipsed sunrise, lamenting the even more unusual lack of sun at 8.30am. Then it was cold. The apartment was drafty, it still is. I didn’t want to give in to the boiler and end up paying loads for heating bills so I put on my sweats and they still weren’t enough. I need warmth! And everything else that I can’t find in London. Ahhh, the withdrawal symptoms.

I decided to be good. I switched on the lappy and got to work. I spent a whole day editing the last bits of my thesis, and thinking about who to thank in my thesis and how best to convey my gratitude. When I was finally done, I switched on my Mac to reward myself for surviving the day with a round of reminiscing. Going through all the pictures in iPhoto, I realised that I had neglected to tell the tales of other adventures we had in Macau. So much so for the inspiration behind this post, very blah yes, but hey, at least I arrived here, somehow, from freezing toilet bowl to Macau, in time to pen my loved-up experience at The Spa at Crown Towers.

We are no gamblers, so naturally Macau turns into a anything-but-gambling sort of city for us. That leaves eating and wobbling around as the main activities. M loves a good massage, I don’t mind having one and since my creaky back hasn’t been pummelled in more than a year, the idea of indulging in a spa session at our hotel made a hell lot of sense. Even more so, when the couples’ massage costs less thanS$180 per person. Before you protest, you have to check out what this package is giving you. I personally think the spa is giving everything for our money. A lavish session, entitles the couple to a 100-minute massage (therapy of your choice, you can choose to go for Tui Na, Trigger Point Massage, or Foot Reflexology) and the use of its incredibly spacious and luxurious Love villa (corny, I know, but the interiors and service are anything but) for a full hour. You can choose to extend the usage of the villa and its facilities for a nominal sum, which isn’t much as I recall. We were pretty happy with that one hour, as we went for a midnight massage, and didn’t think our jet-lagged selves would be awake to maximise the facilities if we had stayed on. You may choose to hang out in the villa before or after the massage. We decided to soak, steam and shower before the massage.

To say the villa is gorgeous is simply an understatement. The photos here don’t do the space any justice either. A bigass bed is positioned right in the centre of the villa, and it grants you a full view of your very own heated jacuzzi/pool. On one side of the villa, you will find two massage beds and a huge steam room. The lounge and a kickass bathroom lie on the other. There, everything you need. You get fruits, magazines and a foot scrub to start the session too.

The service was calming and very unintrusive. We were asked to highlight our problem areas to the therapists and no it was not a piano massage (you know, the kind which tickles more than loosens the knots). The therapists assigned to us were well-skilled, strong and adept at a good, solid massage. Before the session began, we also alternated between the steam room and the heated pool to help us relax. I had the night of my life pretending to be a tai-tai. Flitting around a huge villa in a bathrobe, feasting on beautifully cut fruit and steaming my pores out before getting my knots (from too much shopping, if I were a tai-tai, but I’m not, so I got these from hunching over my lab bench) sorted out.

I drifted off to sleep during the massage. It was just fabulous. Then we wobbled upstairs to our suite. tucked into the Leitaria I Son’s double skin steamed milk pudding (mine was plain and M’s was topped with red beans, it was decent but a teeny bit grainy for me, I think Ji De Chi’s durian milk pudding was way better than this), before hitting the showers and sinking into the lusciously huge bed.

The stuff that dreams are made of – a suite at Crown Towers and a value-for-money massage in a beautiful villa. Now, if only I were a tai-tai….I could have this everyday!

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Leitaria I Son is located at:

No. 7 Largo Senado, Macau


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