The Fat Dinner: Fried Chicken and Milkshake

When we were back in Singapore for Christmas, our itineraries were fraud with all sorts of food excursions, the types that are dangerous to our waistlines. Breakfast was typically a sumptuous hawker spread – Hokkien mee, char koay teow, chwee kuen, fried carrot cake, you name it, we had it. In short, some sort of hawker food permutation featured on our breakfast menu Lunch was either another round of hawker fare or a disproportionately huge one at some restaurant. Before we had time to even feel hungry, dinner came round with another massive onslaught of insanely good food that family and friends insisted on feeding us deprived souls. You would think that we had just returned from a famine-hit town, but no, we just ate like we returned from one. As a result, I put on 3kg over the holidays. M even dragged us both fatty bums up Bt Timah Hill in a bid to make us feel better about the next meal. Whilst I’m glad to have shed the pounds with regular gym and a healthier diet since, I am still recovering from the kind of food trauma that one could only get if he or she were in our shoes. Yes, I am still a little demented.

You would now go on to say that I should have exercised a little more self-control. And I will say to you that I could have (hmm, by the way this type of exercise doesn’t burn calories..), but you do know that there are some foods that you can’t say no to, right? In some countries, it’s rude to point at somebody. It others, it’s rude to not gesture furiously when you’re talking. To me, it’s just rude to wag my fingers at potentially good food. How can I ever deny my jelly belly *pats tum* a good meal? Diet and exercise can wait till the hols are over!

So of course we jumped up in excitement, wobbling tummies in tow, when my sister-in-law took us to Tras Street for a spot of finger-licking Korean fried chicken. We couldn’t say no to the promised land of crispy wings…

Said to be a popular lunch venue for the working crowd at Tanjong Pagar, we arrived at a rather empty restaurant on a Sunday night, thank goodness. Some of the diners were red-faced with some really aggressive slurping (hotpot, that is…). And some were just chilling with beer and a heap of fried chicken wings. We were clearly there to join the latter. Hands washed, food ordered, and some general banter later…this arrived.

Behold the Soy Garlic Chicken Wings. The sight of this alone made my salivary glands go into a state of unprecedented frenzy. I dived in like a piranha and emerged, declaring that it was some mind-blowing chicken. The skin was fried to a delicate crisp, generously coated with a sweet and savoury syrup, and gave way to the most succulent and moist chicken. The wings did get a little salty after a while, but there’s nothing like ice-cold refreshments to lighten that up. Besides it was nice to just chill, eat with our hands, lick our fingers and have an easy, casual, yet delicious dinner. We also ordered the kimchi pancake and the sweet and spicy wings. These didn’t impress me as much. The pancake was tasty but arrived slightly soggy at our table. The sweet and spicy wings were a little too tasty for me but I hear that this is a favourite with many diners. The chicken wings aren’t cheap, but the soy and garlic ones are worth a trip, if you ask me.

For dessert, us bottomless pits wandered over to Once Upon A Milkshake for a creamy afterthought. The stroll did well to digest ’em wings, and by the time we arrived, I was ready for a mini peanut butter milkshake. Excellent stuff, really, and this is coming from someone who has had really good milkshakes in NYC and London. It’s creamy, luscious, thick and chock full of peanut butter goodness, just the way I like my favourite milkshake.

We must have put on a kilo after this meal, but oh well, we’re talking about a fat dinner of fried chicken and milkshake, HOW TO RESIST?!! You tell me!

P/S:  I really hate not bringing the DSLR with me, all my food review pics are just hopeless. Bear with me until I find the courage to draw unnecessary attention to myself when I whip out the DSLR in restaurants…

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Kko Kko Nara Korean Restaurant is located at:

57 Tras Street #01-01 Singapore

Once Upon A Milkshake is located at:

Maxwell Chambers, 32 Maxwell Road #01-08, Singapore


11 thoughts on “The Fat Dinner: Fried Chicken and Milkshake

  1. Fidel Hart

    Consider this place eaten at when I visit Singapore. I love Korean fried chicken!
    Great review!

    And the milkshake place too. This is why I love blogs like yours, you give insightful reviews on places not often covered in tourguides.

  2. Jun

    Me too! I still can’t bring myself to take pics at restaurants. It just sit there in the bottom of my bag, never see the light (I was talking about my camera) 😀

    Great site you have here!

  3. Simin

    you are making up for the lack of perfect pictures with your wonderful writing! 🙂 it lets my imagination run beyond borders! *tummy’s growling*

  4. Lady J

    Totally irrelevant but WOW! How did you lose the 3kg?? Pray tell… I’m still trying to lose the weight from the festive season and fearful of the upcoming season of more feasting!!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Lady J: I went to gym twice a week, and I made sure I ate healthily, less snacks, more proper food, and smaller portions that make me feel just nice. I usually eat till I feel uncomfortably full and that isn’t good for health…

  5. bookjunkie

    I have heard so many raves about this place and I have been wanting to try it. Now your photos and descriptions are making me drool!!

    I have tried fried chicken but never Korean fried chicken…looks sooo yummy.


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