My KitchenAid Dilemma

I’ve long talked about getting a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, but only when I turn professional. Whilst I’m still clearly an amateur in the kitchen, my trusty £3.99 handheld mixer from Tesco has suffered an unfortunate demise after a recent run in the dishwasher. I mourn its premature death, really; even though it is not something a serious baker would use, my dear Tesco mixer has done a lot for me. Just look at all the goodies that have come out of my kitchen under the care of this humble mixer! Since I can’t bake without a mixer (well, I don’t have arms of steel…), and the baking itch is starting to get to me, I’m agonising over two things now.

1. Should I get another handheld mixer from Tesco? Or should I get a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, prematurely so?

2. If I get the KitchenAid (oh my gooooooodness, I’m so excited!!!!), which colour should I get? Should I get safe colours such as Almond Cream and Onyx Black, so I wouldn’t have a problem matching it to my future kitchen when we move back to Singapore? Or should I go for something whimsical and pretty – Pink Charity or Cranberry, and design my future kitchen around it? Or should I go for something bold – Empire Red or Candy Apple? If I get the colourful ones, will it matter if my kitchen doesn’t ‘match’ since it’s a KitchenAid and it will look sexy even in a toilet anyway. or am I kidding myself?

HELP! Leave a comment and let me know your answers to Questions 1 and 2!

P.S: I have decided!! Pop over here to check out my new baby!

Images of pretty KitchenAids from here.



39 thoughts on “My KitchenAid Dilemma

  1. Simin

    1. If you are going to get it anyway, and money is not a concern, always invest earlier! forget about sub-standard appliance, because they do affect your creations!! You can use a kitchen aid for so many things, and they are built to last for life. :p

    2. I love pastels, so I’m in for almond cream (matches any kitchen) and charity pink (would look real sweet and pretty in any kitchen)! :p

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Simin: The thing is the handheld has done very well over the years, all my stuff are made using the handheld! So I’m not sure if I’m ready to switch over. I do love a KA very very very much….Right, anyway, I’m leaning more to more to the pinks than almond now..

  2. Kavey

    They do a matt chrome one, which is what I’d have got if had a choice on colour. But I’m very happy with my clinical white one, that Meems got me for £149 on that Amazon Black Friday thing in November. For that big a discount, colour didn’t come into it! His name is Intergalactic Unicorn.

    Meems’ own red KA is also very handsome. And I think Foodstories Helen has a lovely purple one.

      1. Simin

        oops I didnt realise i used PL’s account to comment. :p anyways, good luck for the decision making! looks like its a tough one! I also have a cheap hand held one, and if that spoils, i am going to upgrade. PL mentioned that its cheaper in europe/US compared to Singapore?

  3. Heavenwildfleur

    Mine’s ice blue aka aqua aka Eunice-colour haha. I vote cranberry cos it’s feminine yet sexy and bold and it’s new! It shd also match whatever future colour scheme u have be it black, cream, white, wood or even blue! Unless u want a red kitchen then the reds wld do better! We shd do a ‘christening’ bake when u get it haha.

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Heavenwildfleur: Ahhhhh, I think I need to go to the store to check the colours out in real life…I’m thinking either pink or cranberry now! My only problem with pink is it might not look nice in a dark-coloured kitchen, but I love that it’s so soft and pink!! You’re right, cranberry would look great in a dark or light-coloured kitchen..but will it go out of fashion??!

  4. bonda84

    I personally would go with the KitchenAid in Candy Apple red. Even though you aren’t a “pro” yet it will still come in handy and never hurts to get plenty of practice in.

  5. devourslowly

    Totally get the KitchenAid – it makes my life so much easier. The best $900 NZD I ever spent. I think if you spend good money on certain items it saves you the hassle of having to replace lesser valued (quality) items in the future. If you buy a KitchenAid you have it for life. Work out how often you will have to replace a Tesco mixer and compare it against the price of a KitchenAid.

    I have the Empire Red – just because everything else in my kitchen is that red colour. I was very tempted to get the Apple Green which was a seasonal colour that came out when I was looking for the KitchenAid. But then the shop owner advised to get the standard KitchenAid colours rather than seasonal colours (I think the standard colours are – Empire Red, Cream, Black, and Chrome). Because all other KitchenAid range includes these colours. I had since bought a KitchenAid blender, espresso machine and coffee bean grinder all in Empire Red. You will see the colour options for these items are more limited than the stand mixer. Definitely something to consider if you want to start building up tools that you will keep forever.


    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      devourslowly: Thanks for the tip! Will keep the colour coordination in mind, I think this might be my only proper kitchen purchase ever but yes, the husband wants a coffee machine at some point!

  6. The Accidental Weekend Chef

    Considering that you will have to relocate to Singapore in the future, I’m going to go against the general trend and say get the Tesco one. It’s cheap and you will not mind leaving it behind if the luggages become too heavy. Afterall, it does work as all your beautiful creations have shown.

    That also allows you to buy a matching KitchenAid when you get your new place! I’m for Empire Red and Cranberry although that’s probably because they are common colors. They definitely make a splash in the kitchen!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Accidental Weekend Chef: I did consider that too, getting the Tesco first. But the thing is the KA is cheaper here than it will ever be in Singapore, so my plans have been to purchase one from here and ship it back anyway. Weekend’s drawing near, so I shall go to the store and check the KAs out before I make my decision!

  7. Sharon


    1. You should invest in KitchenAid if you have the capability to splurge =p

    2. I got myself a Pink Charity. Looks baby pink and it adds a whole sweet feeling to your kitchen. Initially I wanted to buy Empire Red as well as I think it really looks sexy. However given some thoughts, Red is really very very very common and I think you will agree. So, I decided on Pink Charity which has a fun touch to baking and it really makes me even happier while baking now!!

    Indeed I was very torn between the red and the pink but no regrets. I own the KitchenAid for 4 months now. It was worthwhile!

  8. Jessie McLaughlin

    I love my Kitchen Aid. I got mine long ago before colors so it is white and gets dirty quickly. I would go for one of the reds or black! It is the best thing to have you can use it for so many things!!

  9. breadetbutter

    Definitely a Kitchen Aid. I bought mine when my Cookworks (that supercheap Argos brand) hand mixer died on me… and I’m so glad I did. Wish it was cheaper but don’t regret splurging on it because I can’t imagine my life without it! Oh and I vote for the Empire Red one, but I’m biased coz that’s the one I have!

  10. Janine

    i would go for the kitchenaid since i just got one myself 🙂 but if you’re planning to move back to sg very soon – shipping the kitchenaid home will be rather heavy :/ (and it possibly might be cheaper in sg than in uk – i got mine for a tad less than SGD800!

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