Everybody, Meet Kate!

In the twilight hours of 21 January 2011, M and I welcomed a new addition to our family. She is the most beautiful thing to ever happen to us me (next to M, of course), and we I couldn’t ask for more. We I We argh I have named her Kate, just because it felt right to name a precious one and she looks like a Kate to me. I could snuggle her in my arms everyday except that she weighs right about 12kg.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my bundle of joy, Kate, all cranberry, fuschia, and yummyish-ly plumish-ly darkish-ly pink. Even my DSLR can’t capture her real beauty. To see her (true colours) for yourself, please form a queue outside my place, thank you very much. Mind you, I charge admission, and yes, you have to take numbers. But don’t go on to say that this money-grubbing Mummy didn’t warn you……you can admire Kate’s clones for free at any good departmental store near you.

But I still think my Kate is prettier.

P.S: No, I didn’t actually give birth to a little fuschia baby.

P.P.S: A huge thank you to all for your comments and opinions on My KitchenAid Dilemma! Kate wouldn’t be here without you!


16 thoughts on “Everybody, Meet Kate!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      pigpigscorner: I had my mind kinda set on that colour (or Pink Charity) before I went shopping for it and spent about half hour standing in front of all the KAs in Selfridges. In the end, still went for the one I love!

  1. Craftily Delicious

    Hi there! This is my first visit and I love your photos and especially this blog entry! Thought I was the only one that went nutty over a beautifully colored Kitchen mixer! =) Glad to know I’m not. I’ll be back to visit soon…great job!

  2. meemalee

    Good choice! Looks even prettier in your photo then it did in the company website.

    And I’m impressed you resisted giving it a silly name – mine’s called Bertie 🙂

    I’m after a glass mixing bowl for it now, but they’re sooo expensive…

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      meemalee: Yes it looks a little brighter on the website, it’s actually a little bit more plum-ish in the flesh. Bertie’s cute!!! I am uncreative and so went for Kate. Indeed! I’m eyeing the ice-cream attachment and another mixing bowl, but they are so expensive!!

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