Outfits: The Annual CNY Wardrobe Dilemma

So….Chinese New Year is just round the corner. My home isn’t cleaned. The laundry isn’t done. I haven’t baked nearly enough CNY goodies to last two monsters (that would be M and me). I am feeling unwell with stomach flu. I have loads to study for my viva. I haven’t had the time to cut my hair. And I have nothing new to wear for CNY. To all these, The Pleasure Monger shall seek out solutions. I will do the laundry today (it’s in the washer now). I will clean up our place tomorrow (SWAT team-like operations already in place in my head). I will bake more CNY goodies when I am done studying. I will get better with more rest, fluids and meds. I will study after blogging (check out my priorities). I will snip one strand of hair to symbolise a haircut that I used to have before CNY. Ahhhh…solutions for all. But one.

As I get older, I run into an even bigger Annual CNY Wardrobe Dilemma. Before I left Singapore recently, I recall seeing a sea of red everything in boutiques, but I didn’t bother buying any new clothes for CNY. In fact, I haven’t had new CNY garb for four years now because really, there is no need to. We will be at home, watching TV, family-less and without visitors. We don’t get any holidays here, and we aren’t visiting anyone either, so why bother? I used to feel out-of-place if I didn’t get new clothes for the festival. It’s a routine that I was used to before I moved to London, and I felt uneasy that I pulled the plug on this tradition. But hey, I’m alive, and doing quite okay, so erm, maybe not having new clothes won’t bring me bad luck? *knock on wood, just in case*

So instead of having shiny new clothes, I’ve settled for wearing shades of red on the eve and the first day of CNY. To me, it’s not too unbecoming a compromise except for one teeny problem – I don’t wear red-red because I’m too old to look cute like walking angbao I once was when I was younger. I don’t own many red pieces except for the Arsenal jersey which I wear to when I watch matches at the Emirates Stadium. Because I don’t look too silly in it, the Arsenal jersey has also been officially knighted to be my CNY outfit for the past years, especially since we don’t go out. In fact, M wears his Arsenal tee too. But if I were in Singapore, or if I were going out to visit someone on CNY, I’d probably wear my latest buy from ASOS (pictured above), a peachy pink colour-block camisole with hook-eye details on the front. I was wearing it everywhere when I was in Singapore. Lightweight (read: cooling), not too girly even though it’s pinkish, slightly edgy because of the hook-eye details. My preferred style is written all over it. I liked pairing it with a colour-block jacket from Tracyeinny, which has interesting textures of grey jersey and black faux leather in the same piece, something that gives a little character to anything remotely wallflower-ish one may wear. I also like to put on a statement bracelet to complete the outfit (you can’t really see this in the picture). Shorts are a must in Singapore since it’s so warm, but if you’re visiting and don’t want to look too casual, you could don a pair of black or dark navy skinnies. I would, and I think I will, because ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been invited to my very first CNY meal at a friend’s home this Saturday! Pardon me if I am overly excited, we’re usually the hosts. Now all I have to do is get well, claw my way through the mountain of things I have to do, spend CNY in my Arsenal jersey with M on the couch, like what we did for the past years, and finally, LOOK the part of a guest this Saturday.

Please also allow my nosey self to strike – what will you be wearing for CNY? Make me green with envy and send me pictures or leave a comment!

P.S.: If you’re looking to buy the camisole from ASOS, it is no longer available in the same design. You can, however, check out variations of it here and here. The basic style is the same, only the hook-eye details have been changed.

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8 thoughts on “Outfits: The Annual CNY Wardrobe Dilemma

  1. Lady J

    really nice outfit! I’m still mulling over wardrobe choices but pop by my blog when free, will post the pics up after CNY 🙂 Have a great time feasting at your friend’s place. Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

  2. Quay Po Cooks

    I am glad I found your blog. I love what you write and enjoy browsing through your photos. Lovely compositions. Your nice in that outfit. You are beautiful lady. Gong Xi FA Cai you and yours.

  3. maybs

    very nice! love the peachy top 🙂

    For a change I’m in London for CNY this year.. I couldn’t bring myself to not wear some form of red to work though.. so wore my red suede heels and matching red beret! Happy CNY!


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