A Time for Celebration!

If I am a pig, I could fly, really.

And you know why?

Because I did the impossible……..

and got my PhD!!

That’s the big news that I was hoping to share, and now that it’s materialised, it’s safe to let the cat out of the bag! I kept mum about this, in case I screwed up….and yes, intense preparations were the very culprits that made me MIA on blogosphere.

Whilst I am over the moon about this, well, actually I’m more relieved than anything else, I was pretty upset when I had to spend my newly doctor-ed time in pain. I was hit with bad gastric pains during the celebratory dinner with M on Friday, and I didn’t sleep a wink after that. I was practically a zombie by the time we met friends for Chinese New Year dinner at Min Jiang yesterday, seeing as to how sleep-deprived I got during the preparations, and the pain came right back to torture me during dinner!

I am feeling better now, but am completely sapped of energy and I need to re-charge my batteries before I share some of my recent thoughts here. So for now, I’m just sharing this piece of good news with everyone who’s reading and here’s wishing all a Happy Valentine’s Day!


12 thoughts on “A Time for Celebration!

  1. Cheryl

    i am so happy for you = )

    and even though i am a silent reader most of the time, i really enjoy ALL your posts

    keep your posts coming, and tell us what you will be up to


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