Life….In A Punnet of Strawberries

M: These strawberries are so sweet! You have to try one.

Me (skeptical): …..really?

I hesitate and take a crimson bite.

Me: Oh my gosh, you are right. These are good. We should have bought two punnets since they were going for half-price!

After the briefest of pause…

Me: Actually…no, maybe we shouldn’t. If we bought two, the strawberries would be sour.

M: …..I think you’re absolutely right.

Such is life, so we agree.


2 thoughts on “Life….In A Punnet of Strawberries

  1. mumusings

    What a coincidence – I had strawberries too BUT they were chocolate-coated! Was in need of a chocolate fix… M&Spencers’ brown and white chocolate coated fruits > have you tried them before?


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