A Little Bit of Me For Me And Somebody Else

Hi everyone, you might have noticed that I have started password-protecting one of my entries. Please let me explain this new kid on the block.

As the readership grows, I’m aware that I’m putting myself out there for even more people to see/judge/point fingers at/laugh with/cry with/poke fun at. This blog started out as an online diary to keep up with what I’ve done during my time in London, and yes, it was and still is a useful tool to document my journey and keep in touch with my loved ones back home. I’ve always liked to keep it real on my writing, and I’ve shared some parts of my life with everyone who has come by to read what I’ve been up to. However, my life is not my own, and it is, needless to say, intertwined with others around me; hence, I have found it difficult to share things that matter to me without compromising the privacy of others and that of some of my thoughts. As such, I have always skimmed the surface of things, enough to reveal the crux so that I can share my ups and downs, my adventures and life lessons, but I could never share everything in its raw entirety as this would be done at the expense of others. And erm, yes, I suspect there has been a stalker some unwanted attention in the equation too.

As you can imagine, it isn’t very telling of what started out as an online diary and a means to share my life with the closest friends, when I have to exercise partial censorship, so I have decided to protect certain entries, if I need to, when I have to, and keep them for the eyes of my tight circle of family and friends. Of course, if I am up to no good, I’ll have to shield my too-cool-for-adults stories from my parents’ eyes, sorry Mum and Dad…..or if I bagged an impulsive buy that would make my husband, M, frown, then sorry M, you’re outta the loop!

I hope you understand. Rest assured that I’m not going to omit a personal touch to everything I write, everything is the same, I’m just putting a little extra into this blog, so I can make it a full-fledged online diary for me and my loved ones, just like how I wanted it to be. That said, dear friends and family members, please write to me if you want the passwords, I’ll pass it along if I’m comfy! And please don’t take offence if I don’t, I’m just being temporarily arse-y. =p



13 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Me For Me And Somebody Else

  1. Jeanne

    I have my own blog too and faced this censorship issue all the time and decided that if my friend washed our dirty laundry in public, I would be quite upset. But at the same time, I like reading other people’s issues because they help me realise things too. Gah!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Jeanne: Yes, I’m trying to strike a balance between writing interesting snippets of what I encounter and exposing everyone….lol. Let’s see where this password protection gets me!

  2. Lady J

    True, I guess we are all entitled to our own privacy at times.

    I like what you said about protecting that implusive buy from the husband! ;p I should think of doing one cos mine keeps screaming at my oh-too-frequent impulsive buys! Hehe..

  3. Sharon


    If its not too personal on your entries, i would like ot be a silent follower to read through ur journals. Thanks! From Singapore!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Sharon: Hi there, and thanks for sticking around to read what I have to say! Rest assured that I’ll still write the stuff that I have been talking about, I’m just adding more private stuff that I haven’t written before to the protected posts for my family and closest friends, nothing’s changed, and I hope you still want to stick around!

  4. Z

    I can relate and understand your need for this, I’m wary of putting too much about my life in the open too.. Anyway it’s so sad we lost to Barca 😦

  5. beidisg

    hey of cos it’s alright. man it makes alot more sense to protect some entries than start a 2nd private blog…u are your own blogger, not your reader’s blogger and i’ll bet even xiaxue doesn’t post EVERYTHING. stick to what you started and own it 🙂


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