Thank Goodness for the Big Fs

What did you think I was talking about?

Nah uh, I’m not into spewing vulgarities, unless something or someone really pisses me off. I’m talking about some of the biggest Fs in my life – Food and Friends. I’ve gone on and on about a rough fortnight I had, and I am just thankful that I have the company of a bunch of lovely friends and some really good homecooked food to indulge in yesterday evening, until hot water decided to and continues to become the next hotshot commodity in our apartment anyway. It has been a while since I laughed and ate like that. M thrilled us to bits with his hilarious stories (hey hey, dear witnesses, those jokes will remain private, yes?), Eunice from Heaven in a Wild Flower fattened us up with ridiculously good Singaporean hawker fare that she prepared, and Wen from Going With My Gut entertained us to no end with her witty humour. As for me? I was a good guest. I ate, I laughed (although sometimes at M’s expense…what a rude wife I am), and I was there in person and in spirit. Oh, and I sneaked in a couple of gratifying burps too.

It was a good evening, until the boiler decides to throw a tantrum wheretheFistheF-ingplumber?!!! and I realised that all it took for me to recover from life’s occasional bumps was a simple but spectacular night like this. I took some photos of the food we had whilst Eunice was deep in the cooking action. How naughty of me, but I think that everyone, particularly those away from home, could do with a snippet of our homecooked food and fabulous friends. Nothing like this to inspire you to ring your peeps and put a dinner party together particularly those who can whip up a mean meal and make you laugh your head off!

E’s mysterious (check out the steam…) and absolutely amazing char kway teow!

E decided to dazzle us with chwee kueh, yes homemade and all!

I made some pork belly satay, left unskewered and pan-fried on the griddle since it was too cold to do a BBQ. E made some coconut rice (nasi lemak) to go with it.

M whipped up some satay sauce with stuff from E’s pantry. No idea what he put in there, it was very chaotic in the kitchen when E pulled out her pantry stuff for M to use but it was pretty good!

E, the crazy woman, made the most delectable black sesame crème brûlée.

And then, she spoilt us with blood orange sorbet!

Last but not least, her beautifully soft pandan chiffon cake.

Can you see why I am thankful for these? Writing this now makes me feel that food and friends are my Fairy godmothers, although a plumber who gives me hot water could be the best one of all now the latest big F to speak of. I feel calmer and the rough times are made a whole lot better when I’m surrounded by great company, hearty laughs, and food from my country.

I wish I could be such a special fairy godmother to someone else too (M thinks I’m a goddess, that’s a G so that doesn’t count) and now, I shall attempt to pass it on to you! I might not know you and won’t have the chance to cook or bake for you. And even if I do, I might not impress you, so I think this might be miles better. A fairy godmother from Appliance Online found me commenting on this too-good-to-be-true-but-it’s-true post over at Pig Pig’s Corner. So the story is if you comment on such posts, and tell them what you want i.e. a KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment (which is what I asked for), you might get what you wish for, courtesy of the good fairy godmother at Appliance Online! Now it’s a pity that I didn’t get exactly what I wished for but I received a very thoughtful gift from Appliance Online; they got me a voucher to get myself a beautiful frame for my PhD certificate when I do the whole graduation mambo this September. How lovely! My fairy godmother didn’t stop there and he has decided to help me grant your wish too!

Anyone who comments on this post, will stand a chance to win a gift that the fairy godmother thinks you might appreciate. All you have to do is tell me what you would like to have! Who knows? The Fairy Godmother might be coming your way…….poufy skirts and glass slippers are not cool by the way. Just sayin’. COMMENT AWAY and I hope you get what you want!


22 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for the Big Fs

  1. Indra

    It would absolutely make my day if I would get a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Finally, I have an oven at home, and I look forward to having a mixer to start baking delicious bakes for people I love, work, study and hang out with.

    PleasureMonger: Glad you had so much fun! E’s char kway teow looks absolutely divine. Hope hot water comes your way soon. Know that work hasn’t been all too easy. Do keep the faith!

  2. Jolene

    Kitchen aid mixer in candy apple! That would complete my kitchen with my other red appliances me reckon!

    Anyways, just wanna say that damn girl, this post makes me droool alright! Not helping when i’ve been craving all things Singaporean food! Eunice and you are both real talent i must say! Your food always look awesomely good.

  3. Joy

    I would love an ice-cream maker so that I can start churning out my own homemade frozen delights minus the saccharine sweetness and artificial flavouring. It will be such a sweet end to all (at least most!) my meals and to be enjoyed with friends and family. No one ever says no to ice-cream…

    You are so right on the fact that friends and food do maketh one’s day! I count on one or both of them to maintain my sanity.

  4. Going With My Gut

    This is an incredibly sweet post. Thanks for your regular PHENOMENAL treats, and letting me eat a very unfair share of blood orange sorbet that night! I am delighted I can make you laugh some of your troubles away (altho most of that credit goes to M reeeeally…)

    My wish: I’d love an ice-cream maker please. Been playing with some ideas, want to test them with you guys!



  5. mils

    Hey you know what’ll be really great? A jam maker. Mmm. I regularly make chutneys and jams (i know right, how domesicated) and a jam maker would bring more pleasure to the process for me – at least I can step away from the stove!

  6. heavenwildfleur

    hahahaha your post had me laughing out loud (luckily no one is around to witness) with all the strikethrough bits. it’s like there’s this voiceover effect going on in the background, waving your fist at the stupid effing boiler/lack of plumber situation, as another you carries on normally. that aside, i hope your water situation has been solved!

    you are really too kind, make my food look and sound so much better than it was! my pleasure always to cook for friends, u guys are always welcome at my humble abode 🙂

    i realise i have most appliances (kitchen at least) i wld want (silly dreams of a thermomix or pacojet notwithstanding) but what i really need is a sound system, ever since my speakers died on me 2 weeks ago. not sure if that counts as an appliace but worth a try 🙂

  7. Mable

    Ohhhh all those fooddddd…. You know my best memories are with friends over a really good meal. We always laughed big and joked that our faces would be plastered up under the heading BANNED for creating too much noise.

    I read Pig Pig’s Corner post abt the Tefal ActiFry Low Fat Electric Fryer too. I really like one of those because it uses so little oil (and I LOVE fried stuff!). Anyway, loving your blog!
    Much love, Mabs

  8. vicvickvicky

    AH! I know the feeling of having something you miss so much from a certain place, replicated right in front of you by someone who treasure. I’m sure it must’ve been such a delight! 🙂


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