We Need A Fairy Godmother, Some More Than Others

Where do I begin? Where should I begin?

Chronologically, I guess.

I had stomach flu two weekends ago, which lasted for a couple of days into mid-week. I did go to work as usual on Monday, but it was tiring, having to deal with a steep learning curve during my second week of work at my new job, whilst fighting the nausea from the stomach flu. My boss sent me home when I threw up.

I returned to work on Thursday, still feeling weak and plagued with nauseating headaches and I was really looking forward to the weekend. M and I haven’t spent much time together since I started work, and I haven’t rested very well owing to the stomach flu. Time and rest were so very precious.

When the weekend finally rolled around, I was feeling better and M and I were all eager to meet our friends for dinner. They had organised it to celebrate my PhD. It was a fine day. If you remember, I even had a blast making strawberry & cream pancakes that morning. I spoke too soon, I guess because….I threw up thrice within an hour during the celebratory dinner at the restaurant, and left my party in a cab grudgingly driven by a guy who thought I was drunk. And we were charged by the restaurant for the menu I didn’t have. I also threw up the rest of the night.

Then I read about the earthquake and saw the devastation the people in Japan were steeped in. My stomach flu saga flew out of the window; it was such a paltry, ugly, selfish kind of problem, when juxtaposed with what people were facing in another part of the world.  I do have a decent following on this blog, and I thought I should try and put a fundraising event together, which I did when I returned to work on Monday.

Then I felt ill again. My job is interesting and engaging, I like it very much but my body just wasn’t up to the intense week that fell ahead of me. I was still ill, the virus wasn’t going away, but the work was piling up and I couldn’t rest. I struggled for the rest of the week, whilst keeping an eye on the news in Japan and the donations that were coming in. Some very generous friends donated, and I felt bad they forked out so much, but I am very thankful. The week got better, with me fully recovered now, and all ready to plunge myself in everything that I couldn’t devote myself to. I managed to complete the tasks at work, raise some money for Japan, and annoy my friends by asking for more. My team at work also held a welcome lunch for another newbie and me on Friday. I also managed to squeeze in some me-time with E on Wednesday and again with a bunch of friends at E’s place yesterday evening. I was finally able to relax a little after an intense week, and focus on pressing matters.

Until I returned home at 1am on Saturday to find our boiler dead, so we had no hot water for heating and for showers. It was -2 degrees Celcius in the dead of the night, and I froze in the painfully icy water, until M boiled some water for me to clean up. As we speak, we still don’t have any hot water and the plumber’s not coming until who-knows-when. I’m also sitting here, reading the news and catching up on what ShelterBox (my nominated charity for the fundraising event I’m holding on this blog). And I’ve just learnt that whilst the donations my helpful donors have raised far exceeds what I could have come up with on my own, it isn’t enough to help one family hide from the cold (ShelterBox delivers emergency shelters). And people are dying in the cold.

And here I am, whining about no hot water when I have a roof over my head. At least, I’m not out in the cold. And what was that about the stomach flu? Oh I’m disgusted at myself.

Yes, we need a fairy godmother, but I know that some need one more than others.

[End of disorganised rant]


6 thoughts on “We Need A Fairy Godmother, Some More Than Others

  1. Kavey

    You know, you can still feel compassion and grief for what others are going through, and be allowed to feel a bit sorry for yourself too.

    When one is going through a tough time, there doesn’t have to be a sliding scale. It’s not the case that you can only permit yourself to feel bad if there are no other people in the world in worse situations.

    If that were true, those of lucky enough to live in the first world, would never be justified to feel anything other than sheer exhuberation the entirety of our lives, and that’s crazy.

    You’ve had a tough tough couple of weeks. And it’s OK to feel a bit pissed off about them.

    It doesn’t take away from your compassion about what the people of Japan are going through, and your understanding that it’s far worse than your woes right now.


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  3. Jolene

    So sorry to hear you’ve been through helluva lot for the past weeks! Stomach flu is bloody awful and definitely wouldn’ wish upon anyone. Well I hope you are feeling much much better now although the bug really takes a while to bugger off.. Take care and hope your boiler gets fixed soon! xo

  4. bookjunkie

    Oh no…I think it’s ok to feel sucky when you’re sick…throwing up can make you sooo tired. I would be a complete baby if I was half that ill.

    Doesn’t take away from your obvious compassion towards the people of Japan.


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