What’s In My Bag

I’ve been tagged! by Miss Ene to do a little show-and-tell on What’s In My Bag? (check hers out on that link!!). What better time to do this than on a fine Sunday afternoon, when my living room is choking with testosterone shaking its manly fist at the Arsenal vs Liverpool game? Being completely exhausted by gym this morning and cooking for the whole afternoon, I am in no mood to join the boys for the game. I decided to make a retreat into my little girly space and let you take a peek into my What’s In My Bag-ful of stuff.

So here it is ladies, my trash.

I do bring a shitload of stuff when I move around and it differs, depending on whether it’s for work or leisure, and whether I’m packing it in with the rest of London in the tube, or being ferried around by M dearest. I’m showing you most of the usual stuff that I have in my bag, sans the boring work pass, pens, used tissue with snot still in it, yada yada. Whatever it is, my bag almost always weighs a tonne. *shows off shoulder muscles*

I have a couple of bags that I like to carry, also depending on whether I’m using it for work or leisure. For fun times, my current favourite is the dirty blue Mulberry-inspired bag that my sister bought for me from a blog shop (can’t remember which shop it is…). It’s slightly slouchy, has a great wash, hangs right, and takes on plenty of my stuff with gusto. I can even pop my DSLR in it, together with all the other junk.

Money, keys and my phone are the most important bits in my bag. I alternate between two wallets – a Kate Spade one from my family, and a Chanel one that was an impulsive buy from Paris. I don’t have many cards in UK, so either of these is enough to contain my stuff. In fact, I seem to accumulate more receipts than anything else. My keys are kept together on a keyring that I bought from Taipei more than 2 years ago; it has short forms of our names embossed on the ‘leather’ tag. My iPhone4 is nestled in a really lovely, hardy case that M bought for me last Christmas; I cannot do without my phone but I abuse it quite a bit, so having a case like that helps. I have also taken to bringing the iPod that my brother gave me to work so I can listen to some angsty music if I need to shut the world out. The sunnies from Charles & Keith are a new addition to my bag as the sun has recently decided to grace spring with its presence. I can’t tell you how much I love the purple tint and grey frame of these shades.

As social calls might come abruptly, I have taken to bringing some makeup around – my Shiseido foundation compact and eyebrow/eyeliner palette, as well as Palmer’s Dark Chocolate and Peppermint lip butter are staples. Sometimes, if I know that I have plans that evening, I’ll bring my M.A.C eyeshadow palette, Chanel lipstick and Clé de Peau concealor. These are great for covering up dark circles/blemishes, and brightening up my face after a long day at work.

I haven’t taken a photo of the other boring stuff I usually bring – my ugly umbrella for the unpredictable weather in London and a black pouch of essentials like tissue, paracetamol and antiacids (I get headaches and gastric problems more than anything else), and the monthly stuff that ladies need. Oh and of course, being an overenthusiastic food freak, if I am going out for meals, I’d bring my DSLR or my LX3 to annoy fellow diners too.

So there you go, the skeletons in my closet. What are yours? Write ’em up and link it back to this entry so we can all snoop around in your bags!

By the way, some fabulous ladies have also spilled their guts on their equally fabulous bag contents. If you send me your links, I’ll put them up here too!

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18 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag

  1. stardust

    Wow your bag is good man! If it can take a DLSR!

    Me likey your iphone cover…is it a BV? :)) Very very nice colour 🙂

    Very nice shades too! :))

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      mrslimvoyage: Yeah the lip butter works really well, much better than Vaseline or Carmex. I’m not usually that neat, there are crumpled receipts stashed into my bag…and just had to clean up for the pics…

  2. madeofballoons

    I love that Chanel wallet! I think it’s exactly the one I wanted when I was first introduced to Chanel. Is your bag usually heavy? I’m imagining it being yes because mine is heavy with just my sony nex-5 camera in it, and yours a dslr!

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  5. blisschic

    I just did the “what’s in your bag” blog post too! I love your Chanel wallet. Simple but pretty. Sheesh, tempting me to splurge a little more (or rather, much more) on getting a new wallet!


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