Chicken Soup for the Soul: Primrose Hill

We made our way to Primrose Hill before our lunch date at Lanka. As I mentioned previously, until Saturday, neither of us had been to the famed hill despite living here for years. Now that we’ve been there, done that, and taken in some of the best panoramic views of the city from atop the hill, I suppose we are finally, finally Londoners.

Just look at all that luscious green carpet and cheerful spots of magenta and hot pink that blanket Regent’s Park. Spring is finally, truly here, isn’t it? In fact, it has been so warm and breezy, that I am almost inclined to declare the arrival of summer.

Those of you who live in the tropics may think it’s crazy for us to want to head out and walk in the park to get a spot of sun; I have heard of how hot Singapore is right now and some friends have taken to doing the virtual rain dance on Facebook. But sunshine is such a precious commodity here in London, it takes us light years away from the long, bitter cold and dark days (with the sun setting at 3pm…) we have to toil through every winter.

As the days get longer during spring (sun sets at 9pm now), and when daylight saving comes on, our hearts are just dying to burst into song and dance, in anticipation of the hot sun beating down our backs. Just when we think we’ve waited too long, magic happens and we get rewarded for our patience. The trees sprout green, voluptuous plumes, we see pink cherry blossoms round every corner in the city, in shades so sweet that your teeth hurt just looking at them. Even the people change. Everyone’s decked out in colours and generally, people look happier too. The city transforms from a grey city, to…charming England. You have no idea how wonderful spring feels. Indeed, these changes herald the start of a beautiful season. More than anything else, it breathes life into people; I feel so much better about everything when spring comes. If Singapore has four seasons, we would appreciate Chinese New Year so much more, because it is celebrating the arrival of spring, during which life begins.

We huffed and puffed our way up from the back of Primrose Hill, and joined the throngs of people who had come to while their time away, eyes fixated on the landscape beyond. Mums took their babies out in strollers as they power-walked up the hill. Kiddos ran after the cutest puppies. Friends caught up with one another on their picnic mats. Lovebirds shared kisses on benches and plump patches of grass. A mad teenage boy peddled way too quickly on his bicycle as he blazed down the hill, flew and landed unscathed, in a tangle of limbs, nearly bulldozing someone who was sunbathing at the bottom of the hill. And M and I walked hand-in-hand, clearly taken by the landscape, whilst chatting over what we would miss about London when we move back home one day.

I feel so good just reliving the wonderful day out on Saturday – chicken soup for the soul indeed.


8 thoughts on “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Primrose Hill

  1. f

    This is why I would give up Singapore for London. The 4 seasons are amazing. I treasure the change in seasons- thats something you can never get here. Lets swop places!


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