Outfits: Playing Dre$$ Up

We’ve been going out an awful lot for nice dinners and I’m running out of ideas on what to wear! I have an embarrassing stash of mouldy clothes that look like they belong to the 90’s. As I have been spending more on holidays, bags (my weakness…) and good food, I can’t bear to part with more moolah on clothes. Besides, I’m always uninspired when I go shopping for clothes. Something that looks nice on the mannequin always looks disastrous on me. Something that looks plain on the rack might be perfect, but I never seem to have the eye to pick it out. I often find myself wandering through stores, running my fingers through the racks, and leaving with nothing. On good days, I leave with an accessory or two. As such, I really hate shopping for clothes. If you’ve been following my outfit posts, I’ve resorted to online shopping on blogshops instead, with the help of my sister. Clothes from some of these blogshops are cheap and of reasonable quality; they look quite trendy (or at least not old-fashioned), and even if the season has passed, the affordable prices mean that you won’t feel the pinch when they go out of style. I also tend to go for safer pieces that suit my very safe and boring look, so I stretch my dollar for a couple of seasons.

I’ve resorted to sifting through my old stash of clothes for M’s birthday dinner at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. I like jackets very much (well, aside from the fact that they are necessary in windy London, they hide those arms and frame the body – gee I’m talking like those arms and body are not mine…go figure, pun intended), so I paired a Love, Bonito shoulder-padded black jacket (less than S$30) with a sheer dress (also less than S$30) from the same line. The dress is very comfortable and easy to wear, even when I’m stuffing myself with food. It has a black sheer layer that peeks through to a dusty pink inner layer (colour of dress in photo on the left is more true to reality, I do apologise for the poor quality pics, I took them in different places with different lighting), which makes it look a little girlish on its own. As I prefer a more grown-up look when it comes to dresses, throwing on a jacket that suits my frame helps to add a more womanly touch to my appearance.

It wasn’t very cold that night, so I bared my legs and put on some really comfortable black patent heels from Pazzion (about S$50?). I didn’t want to go overboard with accessories, so a vintage-looking pair of black and gold earrings from Warehouse (only £2!) sufficed. Since the dress had a pink undertone, I thought it was nice to pull the look together with a nude-and-gold clutch from River Island that I bought for £36. When I was outdoors, I threw on a black coat from H&M which was a steal at only £29.90 during a sale.

I thought the outfit looked quite decent for what it’s literally worth. It was too comfortable, which can only be a good thing. We have more fancy dinners coming up, so I’m hoping to be able to pull more fashion (cheap) rabbits out of my hat with whatever’s swimming in my dingy wardrobe!

Now, perhaps you could teach me a trick or two. If you’ve pulled off a pocket-friendly look for dinners or nice nights out, or for when you just felt like playing dress up, I’m inviting you to share it with me and my readers on your blog. Simply write the entry up, name it ‘Outfits: Playing Dre$$ Up’, and link your entry back to mine. Leave a comment here, telling me that you did so and I’ll update my entry with the links to your entries, so everyone can sneak a peek at your $tyle!

Starting with these ladies…..can’t wait to read their entries!

Miss Ene and The Boy (Pretty in bold colours! Come take a peek at her dress here, which is perfect for summer!)

Yannisms (Eclectic and fun – come check out her chic style here!)

Scribbles and Snapshots (All decked in spring/summer colours – I’m loving the fresh take on dressing up for wedding dinners. Come check out her style here!)

Faerie Land (Read all about her fresh Stepford wife look here, just in time for Spring!)

Wild Rocketing (I like that she’s put together a few outfits with key pieces in one of my favourite colours! Check out her style here!)

Heaven In A Wild Flower

Lady J’s Musings (Colours ahoy! Very very colour-pop chic!)

A Dollop of Me (She jazzes up her little black dress with statement accessories – come sneak a peek!! Here’s another version of her get-up too.)

A reader who has come by to join in the fun!

Miss Pretz

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24 thoughts on “Outfits: Playing Dre$$ Up

  1. Corsage @ A Dollop Of Me

    Sounds like a fun idea to do this! You look lovely 🙂 Look forward to checking out the posts of the rest.

    Could you share some of the blogshops you shop from? The models always look so tall and skinny I’m not confident the stuff will fit me =P That said, a lot of my clothes are cheap buys as well simply because I like variety and change my mind too much about what I like or don’t (hence buying something expensive is too much risk. heh)

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Corsage: Why don’t you join us? I’m tagging you on my blog!!
      I usually shop from Love, Bonito. I have some stuff from Tracyeinny as well. I tend to be wary when I buy from blogshops, because yes, those models are very tall and slim, and I’m not really that tall or that slim, so I usually get loose-fitting items from them. No skin-tight dresses, pants, skirts etc. Mostly, I get blazers, jackets, cardigans, loose dresses, loose tops etc.

  2. breadetbutter

    The stuff from Love,Bonito is very pretty (love the dress) – have just scrolled through some of their stuff on the blog, and I already want to buy stuff. Do you know if they ship to UK? Though hmm… those damn customs people will probably tax the life out of it.

  3. Alsk

    Greetings from forever hot & humid singapore….No guts to showcase any pics of mine… But would like to intro a fav shopping site of mine! Kindofwonderful. The craze in my ofc over their collection is simply contagious, check out the site pretty ladies. Hapi shopping.

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  5. miss ene

    Ah! I saw this link but hesitated to post an entry because I’m no fashionista 😦 You girls always look so put together! I promise to do an entry as soon as I actually have a night out. Don’t hold your breath though. Heh.

  6. Lady J

    Looking pretty fine babe! I’m still waiting for my boxes but let me take a look at my wardrobe and see what I can conjure up. Hehe… 🙂

  7. yAnn

    You look amazing!
    My hair’s been exploding (cos of the humidity) so I must wait for it to stop doing that before I take a photo of meself. Don’t want to scare the kids!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      yAnn: Guess what, my hair explodes too. Only reason why it looks anything but is I’ve left it untrimmed enough to tie it up to hide the mess. And you always look good, nobody’s going to be scared!!

  8. Joy

    Hey there, what a fun idea! I just came back from Bangkok so this is timely. I see if I can put together something decent…update you once I get it done!

    And you are too modest – you always look fab!

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