Just Because I’m Hungry

I was looking through the thousands of food photos (I’m not kidding, I think I have accumulated at least 10000 this year…) that I’ve taken, and went cannibal-listic when I came across this one. I made tau yew bak (braised pork belly) as a supplement to the steamboat reunion dinner for Chinese New Year in February 2011. After hours and hours of patient simmering, I was pleased to know that friends really loved this dish, and even complained that there wasn’t enough. The pork belly practically melted in the mouth, and I wish I had put on a pot of this for dinner tonight. With a steaming hot bowl of rice please.

And I want this too – a heap of cornflake caramel drops, my favourite snack to make for Chinese New Year. So easy to make and even easier to devour…

Someone feed me please, because I’m too lazy to cook tonight!

Check out what’s cooking in my kitchen!

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One thought on “Just Because I’m Hungry

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