Being Home

It’s good to be home.

Eight months have passed since I last walked the streets of Singapore, since I held my mother’s hand, since I laughed to my father’s corny jokes, since I gave my sister big bear hugs just because I felt like it. And for the first time, I watched my brother and sister-in-law become proud parents of the most adorable little girl, A. Eight months ago, I knew A as a barely-there bump. Some umpteen years ago, I knew my brother as the solid older sibling, the one to look up to, and the one who occasionally ‘bullies’ me; today, he still is the one to look up to, but more, for he’s now the man of the house who fusses over his baby girl with so much love. And can you believe it? My sister and I are aunts now, and my parents…grandparents!! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy and proud we all are – it is indeed magical to be back to share this joy.

So yes, stolen precious hours with our families are the reasons why I’ve been keeping so quiet around here. Some of you told me that you miss my updates – I’m so terribly sorry…I missed you guys too! It’s unfortunate that our trip back home is so short, what with the numerous commitments we have in London. In between a week’s worth of working, falling ill and recovering, falling ill and recovering again, and barely getting over the jetlag, I’ve managed to squeeze in only that much time with our loved ones. Thanks to those who planned meet-ups way before I returned to Singapore, I’ve also been able to spend little pockets of time with friends – bloggers included. I’ve caught up with some lovely ladies over steamboat and even made ondeh-ondeh with new friends. M and I also caught up on the latest with one of our favourite couples to hang out with who very kindly treated us to a lovely brunch at Keyaki. Other peeps have asked to meet up too, but I’m afraid it’s going to be tough. I completely regret working during the first half of my trip in Singapore and wish I have more time to catch up, but I hope to make up for it next year!

As time whittles down to nothing, I’m struggling to make every second count for the rest of my stay. Something bad happened in our family this year, something that really broke my heart and scared me to bits, something that intensified our longing to be back. In fact, it was the sole reason why I wrestled some time out for a visit amidst our hectic schedules. Today, I’m just thankful to return to the family I know and love so well, yes I’m being a little mawkish over here but who wouldn’t be after all that has happened?

It feels way too good to be home, to come back and see that everything is as good as it can be. I’m sad that our trip is coming to an end so quickly. Indeed, we have a few more days on our end, but I know that time flies, especially when one yearns for it. I guess we should head on with the last leg of this race – just a little longer and we’ll make it to the finishing line. Before we know it, we will be home, won’t we?


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