The Difference Between You and Me

[A joke for all Mandarin speakers. I don’t really want to translate it because it loses its meaning in English and it won’t be funny…but if you really want to know, ask me!]

I received my monthly mailer from Harrods this evening, and blazoned across the red letter were the words ‘10% off this weekend exclusively for Harrods members’.

I casually told the husband, “Hey, Harrods 叫我去shopping.”

And I certainly didn’t see this coming..


Suffice to say I was speechless for about two seconds before bursting into hysterical laughter.

There you go, the difference between us.

[Ok maybe it wasn’t funny to you, even if you understand Mandarin, but you should have seen M deadpan…..Oscar-winning moment!]




14 thoughts on “The Difference Between You and Me

  1. Mrs Ergül

    Indeed the universal difference between the men and women of the house. Whenever I wanna buy something, he will go, “is there an urgency for this? we stay in a small house.” I will go, “no, there is no urgency. there is never any urgency for much. I just want it.”

  2. Lady J

    This was funny! As for me, I just don’t tell J who I go shopping with… He still doesn’t understand why the need for xxx bags/shoes/clothes, etc. ;p


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