Story of the Fish & the Angel

We have been through quite a bit of stress lately, what with work demands, the relocation coming up and other things in between. One day, M and I realised that we haven’t been having a conversation as much, even though we talk to each other everyday. We have since made a pact not to talk about things that grind our gears during our Friday night dinners, which are very much our unofficial date nights. We want to share each other’s troubles, but for one night, we want to enjoy each other’s company, reminisce, chat about our interests, crack silly jokes, and share about our hopes and dreams.

And this was what we did yesterday evening. We talked.

M: When you married me, did you feel like you went fishing and caught a really big fish, and went home a really happy girl?

Me (laughing): Huh?! Fishing?

M: Yeah, fishing. Don’t you know that feeling?

Me: Hmmmm…I wouldn’t say that it felt like I caught a very big fish. It felt angel dropped from the sky when you came along.

M: …

Me: Like God’s gift.

M: ….Well, when we got together, I felt like I went fishing and caught a really big fish. I was really happy…

Me: I guess that’s how it is. You did the chasing, so you felt like you earned something. I was waiting for love to show up, and so you were like a gift when you came along.

M: Hehehehe.

Me: Hehe.

After more than 6 years together, I’ve come to learn that our conversations can shape-shift into anything, but I would never have thought that it could take the form of a fish and an angel. Not until yesterday, not until we started talking again.

[On another note, I kinda wished I were the angel instead of the fish….fish…really?!]

21 thoughts on “Story of the Fish & the Angel

  1. erika kirby

    That made me smile 🙂 You’re so right we talk all the time, but generally about unimportant day to day mundane and boring things! what a fab idea to make Friday night special x x

  2. yAnn

    So cute lah!

    On my side, I’m the one always telling the mister, “I am the best thing that has ever happened to you in your life.” and he replies with a dutiful, “oh yes, dear.”

  3. maybs

    awww..sweet! fish and angel hehehe…

    V and I get caught up too in work sometimes but thanks to a powercut, we ended up sitting in the dark of the living room having tea while looking out to the moonlit garden. and we continued talking even when the lights came back.. it’s nice. I hope you get to have more of these moments!


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