Be Thankful, Be Glad

For most of you, Christmas Day must be almost over. Well, it’s early Christmas morning where I am, 8am to be exact, and I’ve been up with jet lag since 5.30am.

We are settling down as well as newbies can be when taking to a new city, thanks to those who asked. The apartment’s really cosy, the city is beautiful, people are so lovely and friendly, my only complaint is that the weather is a tad freezing. My face tends to get rearranged in some sort of a weird mid-spasm expression when I’m out. It doesn’t look or feel comfortable, but I’m happy that the rest of my body stays warm most of the time.

As the year approaches its winter, its sunset, its finale, some thoughts are running through my head. Hopes, fears, dreams and uncertainties seem to exist in harmony, well, most of the time at least. This morning, as I watched the sunrise from our home away from home, the negative tipped the balance every so slightly; but when my husband woke up, shuffled out into the living room, looking quite the little kid with his dishevelled hair and sleepy eyes, and muttered Merry Christmas as he waved his hand at me, every ounce of negativity melted away.

Today, I’m thankful for him, my loved ones and my dear friends. They are the greatest gifts I could ever ask for and I wish the same for you.

Wherever you are, seize the day and tell the people you care about that you love them. You don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but today is the Present, the Gift, so tell them.

Happy Christmas everyone.


7 thoughts on “Be Thankful, Be Glad

  1. sylvia

    so are you going home to Singapore for good? I am really missing food from home right now especially since CNY is around the corner! I’m in Ottawa, Canada.. not a great selection of SEA type food.. though plenty of sushi, thai, and pho! lol..


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