An Open Letter to My Mother

Dearest Ma,

The clock struck at midnight and the first thing you did was to come into my room to wish me a Happy Birthday. You have done so unfailingly for many years, even when I was in London, even when there was a time difference. I could always count on you to make my birthday special.

Ma, little do you know that this year, I feel somewhat different on my day. I am now a mother, and you, a grandmother to my daughter. For years, I have wondered about childbirth and what it would be like to raise a child. For years, I watched you care for each one of us, not knowing how tough it is for you. For years, I have taken you for granted. I have only been a mother for three months and boy, has it been a challenge! I finally have the faintest idea as to what you went through in the early months of our lives. I say faintest, because Ma, I am only just coping because I have help. You, on the other hand, toiled and slaved through motherhood without any. I don’t know where and how you find the strength to do so, but I am glad you did, because without you, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

On my birthday, Ma, I want to thank you for giving me life. For feeding and making sure I am healthy. For putting up with the sleepless nights. For singing nursery rhymes and hymns to me when you shampooed my hair. For keeping the suds out of my eyes when you did so. I want to thank you for all the breakfasts, lunches and dinners that you made. For taking me to school and taking me home afterwards. For bringing me to the playground and the EPB bookshop to pick up classics like The Little Women, and The Prince and The Pauper even though we were cash-strapped. For teaching me right from wrong, and for putting up with me when I talked back. For teaching me how to love, to always look within myself and do some soul-searching instead of blaming others when things go awry. For kissing my forehead and taking me in your arms when my world came crashing down, and for sharing my joy when I achieved something in school, at work, and in love. I want to thank you for doing all that and more, and I am still amazed that you love me without any resentment.

Ma, 30 years ago, you suffered much pain to bring me into this world. Today, you love my daughter deeply, as much as you love me. I have much to learn from you in the years to come. I aspire to be the selfless and loving mother that you are and I hope that I can give Faith the kind of life that you have given me.

Today is my day, as much as it is yours, and I have never ever thought to thank you till this day. So, Happy Birthday, Ma.

I love you.

Your baby girl.

Read on for my new journey as a mother and for my thoughts on love and marriage.


16 thoughts on “An Open Letter to My Mother

  1. Jasmine

    What a touching letter. It’s true we finally realized what our own mothers went through when we went through motherhood ourselves. I begin to appreciate my mom even more after I had my daughter. Maybe 30 years later, you’ll see a heartfelt letter from Faith to you with a similar picture 🙂

  2. littlemissleney

    Beautiful letter. Everything you have said in there struck every cord to how I felt about my own mother. It is only when we have walked a mile in their shoe that we have an enormous new found respect, gratitude and appreciation for them. Had to hold back my tears! Happy happy birthday you gorgeous thing. xx

  3. Nuttyjas

    Hiya, your last two post has me in tears 🙂 lovely post on family bond and togetherness. There’s simply nothing more beautiful than taking time to reflect and acknowledge the blessings in our life and the people that makes it worthwhile!

    Happy, blessed birthday to you!

  4. Save the Treats for the Dog

    This is such a touching letter. It’s amazing how much we take our moms for granted, just expecting them to be there. It’s so great that you could put this letter together to let your mom know an inkling of how much you appreciate her. I know she will be touched! Happy Birthday to you on your special day.

  5. parenttangoblog

    Beautiful! I can only hope that one day, any of my four children will write a letter like that to me. If they do, I will cry and cry out of gratitude and out of wishing I’d heard snippets of that a little earlier, especially on tough days when I feel like my work at parenting is all for naught. This gives me hope and a little more patience too. Thank you and happy birthday.

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Parenttangoblog: it is hard, isn’t it! I can’t imagine how you did it, I have only one for now, and she has only been with us for less than 4 months and I feel like I could keel over any minute! I am sure you are a great parent and that your children will tell you how much they appreciate you one day.

  6. Candice

    i feel deeply for what you shared. i can feel my mum loving my daughter as if she’s me. i know she loves my son too but it just seems a little different with my daughter.


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