Married Life Blooper #1: Stale…Who? Me?!

{Yesterday night, in bed, after putting Faith to bed}

He was playing Football Manager on the iPad.

I was snuggled under covers, browsing through old photos on the iPhone.

Me (shoving my phone in his face): Look (referring to a photo of us when we were 21)! We were so young!

M (looking up momentarily from the iPad, deadpanned): Yeah…you looked so fresh.

Me (narrowed eyes): ……are you saying that I am stale now?

M (stunned before he realised the shit was going to hit his fence): Errr…no lah, you look more mature now…(hopeful)

Me (skeptical): Right…

M should thank his lucky stars that I was too tired to retaliate. But…oh well, at least my man ‘s honest.


4 thoughts on “Married Life Blooper #1: Stale…Who? Me?!

  1. Corsage

    Oops! But I have to admit that I also chuckled reading this (sorry!) I think the word ‘fresh’ cannot be used for most (if not all) mothers of young kids! You already look ‘fresher’ than most! 🙂


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