I Have The Power To Make You Hungry

Hubby is out. Baby is asleep. I am all showered and curled up in bed…with my MacBook Pro. My quiet nights in are usually spent reading or editing photos. Tonight, it is the latter; I am pulling out photos from my recent trip to my mother’s hometown, Penang. And you know what? This is really bad news for you, especially if you are hungry.

201302 Penang 3

Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee

201302 Penang 1

Anson Road Kway Teow Thng

201302 Penang 2

Penang Road Chendol

201302 Penang 4

Pulau Tikus Kueh Talam and Pulut Tekan

201302 Penang 5

Rangoon Road Banana Pancake

201302 Penang 6

Tok-Tok (Wanton) Mee from a random backlane of my Ah Ma’s place

201302 Penang 7

Leong Muah Chee (location unknown as Uncle Leong flits from one location to another. It was out of sheer luck that I chanced upon his pushcart at Lorong Selamat).

Told ya it’s bad news. Nope, am not the least bit apologetic.

P/S: Reviews on the above? All are my favourites since I was a little girl, and all are recommended by my mother’s family in Penang. With the exception of chendol, which has proven to be consistently disappointing as standards slipped over the years. Pity. Oh, the muah chee? A random GEM that I chanced upon while on the hunt for an afternoon snack at Lorong Selamat; nope, not even my relatives know about it. *smug* It is the best muah chee I’ve ever had. Everything is freshly made, from the pillowy soft and silky smooth muah chee to the toasted ground nuts to the addictive, fragrant fried shallots. This is saying a lot, as I’ve tried loads of muah chee done up this way in Penang over many years, and Leong is unbeatable. Wishing you luck hunting him down!

20 thoughts on “I Have The Power To Make You Hungry

  1. e

    I shouldn’t have read this post!!! Although I just came back from Penang, I feel like taking the next flight out tomorrow morning!!
    Thanx for bringing tok tok mee up, I almost forgotten about that name. Wonder where the name comes from.. 🙂

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Sorry!!! :p

      The word tok tok came about because of the sound the instrument makes when the wanton mee seller comes around. The seller strikes the instrument to announce his or her arrival!

  2. sylvia

    i regret not listening to your warning.. it’s almost 10pm in Canada and I want all this food that I can’t get!!! 😦
    the food looks amazing! and you take gorgeous pictures!!

  3. Eeling

    Omg! Miss hawker food so much. Thank you for the lovely images, maybe the power of your images might compel me to try recreating one of the lovely dishes….


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