The Other Competition

So. Some parents love to compare how quickly their children reach various milestones.

‘Oh! He only started crawling when he was 8 months old? My daughter was all over the place by 7!’

‘What do you mean she hasn’t started walking? I think you had better send her to the paediatrician for a check! My girl started walking before she turned 1!’

‘She doesn’t even babble? My son was shouting ‘Papa’ and ‘Mama’ way before he reached her age!’

Yes, the pesky houseflies that deserve to be viciously swatted to a pulp, simply because they fuel parents’ guilt and/or crumble one’s confidence. Terribly annoying, thankfully not prevalent in my group of friends, but I have witnessed a fair share of face-grabbing, hair-pulling and rib-nudging from ’em bugs in the parenting race that the devil created.

Then there is the other sort of competition, that I unwittingly got myself into. A competition that I SO NOT want to win.

‘She only wakes up 3 times a night?! What the heck are you complaining about? Mine doesn’t quit until 10!’

The thing is…I am so sleep deprived that anyone who tells me they are too, for anything less than what I am dragging my ass off my bed for, should expect a raised eyebrow from moi.

Oh, and those who are dying to tell me that their lives are over just because their bubbas have gone from sleeping through the night since forever to stirring for a mere couple of nights…don’t even start because I might just punch you in the face. Repeatedly.

Sigh. Can I just suck at this competition, already? Say AYE if you want to be a big, fat loser too.

P/S: I am usually a much more pleasant person to be with. But all I want to do now is whine. Piss off if you want to have a go at me for not creating good sleep habits blah blah blah, or if you want to point out that I could rest whenever I want because I am a SAHM and I can just leave my daughter with someone else in the house. You don’t know what my circumstances are. Go away, even if you just want to tell me that ‘this too shall pass’. Knowing that the situation will improve doesn’t make me feel any better about the lack of rest. Try being positive if you have barely slept for months, even years! But hugs are welcome. Yeah, that, and chocolates. And ice-cream. And AYEs.


4 thoughts on “The Other Competition

  1. Lilliputianbobo

    I do hope some hugs come your way soon. I’ve been reading your entries and empathizing over the struggles faced. I’m due in 6 weeks and I’d be sure to swat damn flies should they come near!
    I’m sure you’re doing your best given whatever circumstances you may be put under. Take heart and chin up!


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